Editor's note: In seeking re-election as Fairfield's Probate Judge, Dan Caruso made the following statement last

Monday at the League of Women Voters of Fairfield candidate forum.

As Fairfield's Probate Judge since 1995, I have committed myself to helping our neighbors in need.

Raised, educated, working and living in Fairfield, I have combined my six years as a leader in the state legislature, with my statewide judicial responsibilities, my various town offices, and my activities on behalf of numerous charities, to provided fair and impartial justice for our citizens, with energy, dedication, caring and common-sense in those areas which matter most to real people.

I have worked to protect seniors from abuse, theft and neglect; to save at-risk children; to aid adopting parents and the child; to empower families to help loved-ones with everything from Alzheimer's to developmental disabilities; to comfort the grieving; and much more, all while understanding the patient concern of the parents, children and relations before me.

Moreover, throughout these years I have led the cause of reforming our statewide probate system. As a result of these reforms, this year we will be streamlining additional procedures and reducing the burdens on those before us, consolidating the number of courts from 117 to 54 in a financially sound manner without new taxes, all while ensuring openness and maintaining our local connections.

For such reasons, the other judges throughout the state unanimously selected me as their president to preside over these reforms.

And for all of these reasons, I ask you to allow me the honor to continue to serve you and our neighbors in need as Fairfield's Probate Judge, with the experience we expect and the compassion we deserve. Thank you.