I am writing to applaud Fairfield and its library.

Every week, usually twice a week, my daughters and I go to the library to pick up new books. I am continually amazed and impressed by the services and quantity of books the library offers. The children's library, in particular, has so many wonderful programs: a book worm (reading) group for middle school aged children, numerous art and reading programs, computer programs, a new foreign language reading software too (Mango), etc.

What prompted me to write this letter, however, is the town's current selection for its "One Book One Town" reading. The book is "Eating Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer. I am writing to thank and applaud the selection committee, and Library, for choosing this book. I can only imagine it was more than a bit controversial and probably not an easy choice. That said, it is an incredibly important book and one everyone should read.

Thank you, Fairfield, for your incredible library and all your services. We appreciate it.

Tina Thomas