While Fairfield Democrats are fortunate to have several highly qualified individuals seeking nominations for state legislative offices, I feel that Sue Brand is very well qualified as a candidate in the 132nd District rimary election on Aug. 14.

I have been following Sue's performance on the Board of Educatrion via Fair TV and find her voice to be a responsible, knowledgeable and a critical one in the best interests of the children and citizens in our town.

Her background as a coronary-care nurse, as a member of the Board of Education and Board of Health, and her longtime participation in the Fairfield PTA have gained her the experience to handle issues in a sound and practical way. I have witnessed her sensitive level of discussion in the Fairfield Diversity Task Force meetings.

She is a highly capable Fairfielder with a strong understanding of her community. I feel she would work very hard in Hartford on our behalf. We need such people in Fairfield and in the State of Connecticut. Fairfielders from the 132nd District could not make a better choice than Sue Brand in the Aug. 14 primary.

Dawn S. Begian