Sincere thanks

I grew up in Fairfield, and have run the Fairfield Half Marathon whenever possible, since the 1980s. I want to commend the race organizers and volunteers for their dedication and hard work that make this race such a success year after year. This year in particular, as I struggled to finish the race with an injury that would have kept a sensible person on the sidelines, the water, Gatorade, Gu, cheers, and high-fives were especially appreciated. A sincere thanks to all who came out to help. Your energy and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated.

P.S. To the woman I wouldn't let quit -- I hope you didn't mind ... I knew you could do it!

Sue Bush

Narragansett, R.I.

`No one should be

treated like dirt'

On Tuesday, June 29, I spent three hours, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Super Stop & Shop on Kings Highway Cutoff, taking "Forget me Not" donations for the Disabled American Veterans. The people were friendly and I believe even more generous than other years when the economy was better. A kind lady even bought me a bottle of water she said I would need it in that heat, may God bless her for being so kind to an old man.

About 11 a.m., a senior gentleman with some groceries in a cart came over and asked if I cared for an apple, he was very friendly and wanted to know where I served our country. When I told him my outfit the 2nd Ranger Bn. trained in England six months for the D-Day invasion, he told me he was an Englishman who came to this country 50 years ago, and that he was only a kid when I was over there, I wasn't much older (19).

The reason I'm writing this is because of what occurred around 11:30 a.m. I thought the man was waiting for someone to pick him up, sure enough a bus with "Fairfield Senior Center" on it pulls up the door flies open and the bus driver yells out, "Get in the bus!" The man was taking some money out of his wallet to donate and this guy bellows out, "Did you hear me? Get in the bus!"

I couldn't keep my mouth shut, I told him, "Listen buddy, one day you'll be old." He didn't answer. If I wasn't an old man I would have done more than talk, even if I had gone to jail. Maybe this driver was having a bad day, or he didn't like the T-shirt Henry was wearing, (Pray 4 Peace), I don't know, but no one should be treated like dirt, especially by "heroes" who know that the person they're abusing is not capable of knocking their teeth down their throat.

I hope this is an exception not the rule, in the way the seniors are treated at the center.

John Bakalar


Fairfield has a friend in Brand

It has been a pleasure to watch my good friend, Sue Brand, use all of her gifts for the children of Fairfield. I met Sue about 15 years ago when she became a client of my hair salon and during all these years I have had a chance to discover what a special person she is. A devoted mother and wife, she finds the time to offer her help to any of her friends in need. She will share with you the joy or sorrow and she never forgets your birthday. To see such a caring and honest person also be so competent and diligent in her role as chairman of the Board of Education warms my heart. I feel extremely lucky that not only I, but the children of Fairfield, have a friend like Sue.

Simone Murgescu


MacNamara's band was unstoppable

District 9 RTM Member Faith Dillon is confused once again about the powers and duties of the RTM on which she has obviously served for far too long. The requirement that the chief of police be an elector (registered voter) of the town resides in the town charter. The RTM doesn't get to vote to change to the town charter nor to make exceptions to it. Only a state prescribed charter revision process, which ends in a vote open to all electors in town, can change the charter -- and exceptions should simply never be made.

The time for Dillon to object to the appointment of Ken Flatto's personal choice for chief, Bethany resident Gary MacNamara, was when the Police Commission, better known as MacNamara's band, was acting illegally behind closed doors with Flatto's town attorney, Dick Saxl, in fudging the charter mandated selection process in order to give Flatto the predetermined outcome he wanted.

The first selectman should get to pick his department heads. If a town charter change is needed, it is one that would allow that across the board. As to the controversy surrounding MacNamara's residency, I suggest the RTM focus more on his performance. Property crime has been on the rise in town ever since MacNamara took over as deputy chief for patrol and investigations. I don't think that is a coincidence either.

MacNamara's band was stoppable -- but so is the ever increasing property crime rate in town, too.

Focus, focus, focus!

Jim Brown


Original thinking

about diet

I wonder how many of the dedicated volunteers who helped saving a pelican from the deadly gulf oil have other birds for dinner or at a local fast-food outlet.

They are not alone. Most people are appalled by the devastation of animal life by the gulf oil spill, yet subsidize the systematic killing of other animals for their dinner table. They know that meat and dairy harm the environment and their family's health, but compartmentalize this knowledge when shopping for food.

And it goes beyond dietary flaws. We tolerate the killing of innocent people when our government and media label them terrorists; We ignore the suffering and starvation of a billion people, except when our government and media tell us to care because an earthquake or tsunami has struck.

Our society would benefit greatly from more original thinkers, and our personal diet is a great place to start.

John Ornest