Normally I enjoy reading Jim Brown's letters to the editor and e-mails. I find him articulate and entertaining. But I feel I must respond to his last one where he claims I have obviously served on the RTM far too long. If volunteering to serve our town for nine years is far too long, I admit I have. I challenge him to use his skills and knowledge and volunteer to represent his district.

He aptly describes how the charter revision process ends in a vote open to all electors in town. He is quite correct the RTM does not get to vote at the end of the process to change the town charter nor to make exceptions to it. But he does not explain how or when a charter revision process begins.

The process begins with the Board of Selectman voting to establish a charter revision commission which determines the changes that will be made to the charter. The process then goes to the RTM who vote whether to establish the charter revision commission, the number of people on the commission, and the party and unaffiliated breakdown of the commission.

So if a change is to be made to the charter by the selectman, the first thing to be done is to come to the RTM with that desire.

Faith Dillon,

RTM District 9,


Grant money will

help veterans

Every American, Republican or Democrat, is a proud supporter of our troops and the efforts they are making overseas. Whether or not you are in favor of the terms of their deployment, we hope for their and safe return home. 

I cannot stress how important it is that our concern for our veterans does not desist once they come back. For the men and women who have protected us as individuals and protected our sovereignty and freedom as a nation, we must similarly give back and offer our assistance to these heroes. 

Congressman Jim Himes, along with fellow Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, recently announced a $300,000 grant to WorkPlace Inc., an establishment that gives formerly incarcerated veterans a chance to re-acclimate themselves into society by helping veterans secure a steady job and avoid homelessness. 

The grant has been specially formulated by the U.S. Department of Labor's Veterans Employment and Training Service to address the issues faced by veterans recently expelled by our local prisons and gives them the skills they need to reenter into the workforce and their local communities. Himes' activism in the area of veterans' services and rights is extremely commendable and I thank him for his support of this grant and the many veterans this money will reach in the 4th District.

Phillip Kraft,

veterans' advocate,


Dear President Obama:

Last November, you made a fateful decision to send an additional 30,000 U.S. servicemen to Afghanistan. Since then, despite assurances that the tide has turned, it is clear that no winning strategy exists. Karzai is acting more corrupt and incompetent than ever and is siding with the Taliban now that it looks like we are not winning.

You may say it's early in the process and patience is needed. To pursue a clearly failing strategy for another year while more precious lives are needlessly lost and billions more spent makes no sense whatsoever.

Bob Hebert's New York Times op-ed (June 12), titled "The Courage to Leave," is right on: "If we don't have the courage as a people to fight and share in the sacrifice when our nations is at war, if we're unwilling to seriously think about the war and hold our leaders accountable for the way it is conducted, if we're not even willing to pay for it, then we should at least have the courage to pull our valiant forces out of it."

I implore you--bring our soldiers home now, not 2011!

Roger A. Curtis