Allen sets record straight

I need to respond to Mr. Ross and his political hatred for anyone who doesn't march in lock step with his Messiah's agenda.

I sent a letter to the editor called "Seniors lose." I mistakenly sent a rough draft and not a final copy with references crediting Mr. Jim Capretta and Dr. Robert Book. You see, as soon as I found out about my mistake through the vitriol of Mr. Ross, I sent letters to both men who were extremely gracious and forgiving, unlike the bitter Mr. Ross.

Mr. Ross is so embittered that he cannot see the forest for the trees. Our seniors, our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and grandparents are going to be greatly affected by the new healthcare law, but Mr. Ross does not care. You see if you say anything against his beloved leader, you must be evil. Mr. Ross puts politics way ahead of people and therefore does not see the damage this healthcare law will do to our loved ones.

I guess Mr. Ross is rich enough to not have to face the Medicare problem. To all the rest of us, we need to be vigilant and correct the problems that are in this law through our votes. Washington needs to hear our voices.

Ssg. Wynn S. Allen, USA (Ret.)


Display of letter `amateurish'

You projected a real lack of professional journalism in your most amateurish display of the mis-handling of letter writer Wynn Allen's recent contribution.

You left out the hyperlink submitted by Mr. Allen and put out the bait for the quackery of Ross. Why in the world would you print Richard Ross's letter which clearly was inaccurate based on your erroneous editing? Why would you then highlight your incompetence by giving the title " Wynn Allens's letter was lifted from the internet" to Ross's piece?

You should be ashamed if it was intentional and even more ashamed if you did not realize that it would inaccurately smear Mr. Allen in some way.

I have been in the publishing business for 35 years and this is a new low for your paper. I am considering canceling my subscription.

Jack Foley


Disappointed in handling

of letter to the editor

I am truly disappointed that you decided to mislead the readership by printing the letter from Richard Ross, "Wynn Allen's letter was lifted from the Internet" [Fairfield Citizen, Oct. 1] knowing that Mr. Allen included the direct link to his source. To add insult to injury, you chose to highlight your inaccuracy smearing a letter writer within the title of the Ross submission. Am I next? The Fairfield Sun had more journalistic integrity to include an editor's note to clarify the situation to Mr. Ross. In my opinion, his letter should have never been published in either paper. A simple e-mail response to ad hominem Obama supporter Ross would have spared unnecessary and undeserved embarrassment for Allen. Now you should be embarrassed. In addition, I would much rather read factual information even if it is lifted from another source than read the feeble-minded partisan gibberish from a Richard Ross.

Julie Criscuolo


A `big brother'

Breathalyzer policy

High School students rejoice! Your proms are now going to be a safer and more enjoyable experience thanks to mandatory breathalyzer testing.

While you may consider this new policy adopted by the Board of Education as a lack of trust, it really is just that, well ... maybe it is. Honestly, it makes our lives as parents so much easier, and for that you should be thankful. With the Board of Education overstepping its bounds, we as parents no longer have to worry about what's best for you, or about having open and honest discussions regarding the choices you make and the consequences associated with them. We can simply deny anything bad can happen and avoid the difficult discussions that we should be having with you as a parent regarding alcohol and drugs. While your counterparts in other countries are obviously more trustworthy, (14 years old to drink with a parent in Germany, 5 (yes five) years old in the UK to drink in private with a parent, and 16 or 18 years old to legally drink in a good 90 percent of the rest of the world), it's quite obvious that you just can't be trusted.

I am sure this has nothing to do with the fact that the more rules we make, the more tempting it is for you to break them. This is unfortunate, because as you well know we were perfect as youths and followed every rule given to us. With the likes of Steve McQueen, Pablo Picasso, and George Bernard Shaw demonstrating the consequences of a rebellious youth in how they turned out, it only seems plausible that we would be frightened into following the rules.

I only pray that this measure provides the protection you need, though I fear it may not. I think we, I mean "you," would be much better served if the Board of Education required you to be strip searched and interrogated prior to entering the prom. Then, and only then can we be certain that you won't hurt yourself or anyone else, lest a fist fight should ensue. Perhaps we should add handcuffs to that list, as this will also ensure that you won't be able to lay your hands inappropriately on your date. Or perhaps the Board of Education should host the prom on Facebook, though getting to every one of your houses to administer the breathalyzer test could be problematic. Thankfully, with all the new buses we'll need for "Option E," we have the transportation for it.

Sarcasm aside, I am confident you all know what you should and should not do; what is and is not right; and the right time to do the right thing and safe thing. Your parents, educators and all involved should applaud the child who calls for a ride after having a drink as opposed to sneaking home in the hopes of avoiding detection. As parents we need to understand, as difficult as it might be, that our high school students are young adults and while they may not have the life experiences we do, they still deserve our respect and trust. And to the students: Despite the inevitable arguments and disagreements that are inherent in a relationship between a teenager and their parent, the fact remains that we don't want to see harm befall you or anyone else, especially when your whole life is ahead of you.

Unfortunately, our Board of Education feels they need to tell you this with policy rather than education and open discussion. So, for them and all the parents in Fairfield: We love you. Please be safe. Do the right thing.

William Harke


Fairfield's Republican leaders disappoint

The Republican majority on the RTM, which took over from the Democrats last fall, has been a huge disappointment to this Republican. Their promise to get spending under control, to promote better governance and to shine a light on the darkness of town government was always possible but, as it turns out, not something the Republicans have regularly delivered on. The Republican majority seems to have adopted the political philosophy of the former longtime 4th District Congressman, Christopher "Both Ways" Shays, who, just months after the voters fired him in 2008, headed out of state for Maryland. Shays would cast his votes in Congress with an eye on buying votes on election day.

In recent months the most glaring instances of their failure has been shown in several votes. The Republican leadership on the RTM joined with enough Democrats and voted to set in motion a scheme to put three playing fields on the highest point in town, and in one of the most rural sections of town, when the need for those additional fields was never demonstrated by the Flatto administration.

Then, citing insufficient information from the Flatto administration, the Republicans voted down two labor agreements negotiated by the Flatto administration with the bargaining units representing the firefigthers and the town hall employees, respectively. And now, on the heels of the contract votes, the Republicans voted for a plan to rebuild Penfield I that is anything but judicious in its spending and anything but logical in its programming. If these inconsistencies in getting information before deciding and voting doesn't scream of outright hypocrisy, I don't know what does.

For those of you who missed the usual illogical nonsense with the Penfield rebuild project proposal, the rebuild project, as configured, will deny many current locker holders at the pavilion any further use as it provides for less lockers. Worse yet, the project will create more traffic and more commercial activity in the residential beach area when the beach residents are always asking for less of that. And not the least of all problems, the financial justification for the rebuild is as bogus as a Tijuana timeshare deal.

Commenting on the state and national races this year, Fairfield Republican Town Committee Chairman Jim Baldwin said recently "... we are working tirelessly to bring real change to Hartford and Washington."

I don't know about everybody else, but if Baldwin's Republicans can't bring real change to Fairfield, I don't know why anybody would think they could bring any kind of change to Hartford or D.C.

The only difference between a Fairfield Republican and a Fairfield Democrat these days is a check on the box on the voter registration card.

Jim Brown


Shelton firefighters stand by Millington

As firefighters, we could not help but respond to the accusation that Jamie Millington treats firefighters like "infidels." This claim is completely inaccurate. We are the firefighters who work along side of Jamie Millington in Shelton and who know him best.

As a police sergeant, Jamie has responded to hundreds of calls with us over the past 11 years. We have worked well as a team and have a high level of mutual respect for one another. Jamie has always treated us professionally and is not afraid to get his hands dirty and assist us in the field when we need help.

We strongly support our fellow firefighters and hope that they get the best contract they can get. However, we respectfully ask that you stop this personal attack on our co-worker.

Steve Hoffmann -- captain

Gerard Danso -- lieutenant

Mike Plavacan -- lieutenant

Matthew Eckert -- firefighter

Michael Meresko -- firefighter

Brian Reynolds -- firefighter

Christopher DeAngelis -- firefighter

David VanWart -- firefighter

Chris Jones -- firefighter

Andrew Troncone -- firefighter

Doug Petrie -- firefighter / NYFD

Ryan Ciambriello -- firefighter

Kyle Wright -- firefighter

James JC Tortora -- firefighter

Courtney Murphy -- firefighter

Christy Kestler -- firefighter

Andrew DeMarco -- firefighter

Tom Mingrone -- firefighter

William Chulak -- firefighter

Robert Cummings -- firefighter

Bob Thompson -- firefighter

Nicole Murphy -- firefighter

Ryan Schuter -- firefighter

Matthew Murphy -- firefighter