Do better by teachers

Regardless of whatever else Faith Dillon is trying to argue in her letter on April 22, "Who deserves the best?" one point comes through loud and clear: she does not understand a teacher's responsibilities if she thinks that they can be contained within a 35-hour work week. In fact, when taking into account the time most of us spend outside of classes planning lessons, grading assignments, seeing students for extra help, proctoring clubs, etc., her estimate is off by 25--30 hours per week.

My intent here is not to voice a complaint about work conditions (far from it: I also "love working with kids and doing what I do"), but is rather to suggest to Dillon, who will soon be considering cuts to the education budget as a member of the RTM, that she'd do better by the teachers and students of Fairfield if she were to base her voting decisions on factual information that was closer to reality.

Stephen O'Brien,

History Teacher,

Fairfield Warde High School

Buying votes?

Sound the alarm! Call out the guard! Linda McMahon is buying votes!

Linda is paying students and extra $5 to register as Republicans?

Election officials, lawmakers and at least one Republican are questioning this activity. Is it fraud, illegal, unfair? This news was promptly reported by Joseph Glasser, Chairman of recruitment for the University of Connecticut College Republicans.

Av Harris, spokesman for the secretary of state's office, which oversees voter registration said, "It's a practise the Justice Department frowns upon, and must tighten their voter drive regulations and scrutinize paid voter recruitment." Several states, including Connecticut are investigating voter fraud.

State Rep. Christopher Caruso, D-Bridgeport, said paying workers to register voters "opens up a lot of trouble and leads to fraud and abuse."

Anthony Esposito president of the Registrars of Voters Association of Connecticut; J.R. Romano, campaign manager for Peter Schiff, an economist and businessman; and Jim Barnett, spokesman for former Republican U.S. Rep. Rob Simmons, who is also pursuing the G.O.P, Senate nomination all agree that paying for votes is unethical if not illegal.

If Glasser, Harris, Caruso, Esposito, Romano. Schiff, Barnett, Simmons and the rest of us are so concerned over the buying of local votes, why aren't we furious, demanding immediate action from the Supreme Court and Justice Department to stop congressmen from openly selling their votes to the highest Corporate bidder? What has happened to the beloved country we love, pledge allegiance to and willing to die for?

Dick De Witt