Kabuki dance

After reading an account of the Inland Water Commission meeting last Thursday I am glad I didn't go. I would have fallen off the chair laughing watching their Kabuki dance. Classic.

Marcia Miner


Not happy with

Metro-North changes

The Fairfield Parking Authority is extremely disappointed with the decision of the Connecticut DOT to eliminate the ticket agent position at the Fairfield Center station, effective July 7. It is surprising to us that the CT DOT would eliminate the ticket agent at the second busiest station on the New Haven line without input from commuters or the town. We believe this action will negatively affect the rail ticketing processes for both commuters and occasional users of the station.

The Parking Authority was not forewarned of the impending position elimination and we were given no opportunity to share our concerns with the DOT prior to the decision. When we did learn of it, we quickly registered a complaint and asked for reinstatement of the position. In response, CT DOT advised us that the closure was part of a cost reduction program to close all ticket offices on the New Haven line except Bridgeport, Stamford and New Haven.

Ticketing at the Fairfield Center Station will now rely solely on the use of the Electronic Ticketing Machines installed on the station platforms - three on the NY-bound side and one on the NH-bound side. Metro-North has advised us of their intentions to monitor these units on a daily basis and take actions as necessary to optimize their usage.

Recognizing that the lack of a ticket agent will be an inconvenience for many of our customers, we would like to make the following suggestions. If possible, try to purchase your tickets in advance online before you come to the station at If you expect to purchase tickets at the station, please allot extra time. The ticketing machines cannot currently accept transit checks nor can they provide discounted student tickets. Please be aware that there is a $5 "penalty" for buying tickets on the train and conductors cannot accept credit cards -- only cash.

Users of the Fairfield Center Station who are unhappy with the loss of the ticket agent should contact their local state representatives to express their feelings. Commuters can also submit feedback directly to the CT DOT by visiting and filling out the online form.

The Fairfield Parking Authority will continue to work with the town, CT DOT and local officials in an ongoing effort to meet commuter expectations and to enhance the overall quality of our parking, station house and platform facilities at both the Fairfield Center and Southport stations.

Robert Torok, Chairman; MaryKay Frost, Vice Chairman; Joanne Sheehan, Member; Robert Comers, Member

Fairfield Parking Authority

Softball field is a bargain

Just another case of NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard), emulating the environment as a case not to have a girls softball field or anything else that would encroach upon their tranquility.

One wonders why anyone would be against a softball field for girls. The cost to each taxpayer a year is 92.5 cents for 15 years ($138.75). So come on, now 92.5 cents is a bargain. Aren't the girls worth this?

I support the girls softball field and even if I lived on Hoyden's Lane would support it. You go, girls softball.

Joan K. O'Rourke


Cab company: more

than just a ride

Fairfield is fortunate to have the Fairfield Cab Company. They are there when you need them, but they are more than just a ride.

On Saturday, July 17, a Fairfield Cab Company driver showed up at our home unannounced. He was delivering a FedEx package that he found in the road more than a mile from our home. Somehow this package, which was destined for our home on a Saturday delivery, fell off the FedEx truck.

The Fairfield Cab Company is an institution in Fairfield and they can earn their reputation every day. Thank you for making the extra effort without the meter running.

David Hall Faile Jr.


Dillon gets `F' for


Long term Republican RTMer, Faith Dillon, is correct when she says I didn't explain how the charter revision process starts in town. I didn't think it was necessary since I was talking about how she misconstrued the powers and duties of the RTM relative to the selection of police chief. However, in her Rovian Republican, and unnecessary, effort to highlight that omission, she once again shows she needs to do her homework.

Dillon writes: "The process begins with the Board of Selectman voting to establish a charter revision commission which determines the changes that will be made to the charter. The process then goes to the RTM who vote whether to establish the charter revision commission, the number of people on the commission, and the party and unaffiliated breakdown of the commission." But again, the RTM doesn't do what she says it does. The power and duty she prescribes to the RTM belongs to the BOS. Unless I missed something, which is always possible, that is the power the BOS claimed and executed in 2005 when Dillon was on the RTM.

So when Dillon suggests: "So if a change is to be made to the charter by the selectman, the first thing to be done is to come to the RTM with that desire," just ignore it. Anyone familiar with how it goes with the current BOS of Walsh, Steneeck and Flatto -- and most of their political allies -- know they do what they want when they want based on the politics of the day. The only way to ever get a proper charter change in this town is to vote in Republicans to the BOS who actually know and believe in the concepts of smaller, transparent and accountable political government.

In other words, it is time for the party to look beyond the same old Republican retreads who play politics with nonsensical issues while kicking the fiscal can down the road for the next generation of Republicans to deal with.

Jim Brown


Return jobs

U.S. industry has become a toy of the military and weapons makers.

Everyday is the Fourth of July for them to build and explode billions of dollars of fireworks. Our nation's economy can be saved only if our government rebuilds our industry and returns jobs to its workers.

Dick De Witt


`Himes experiment should end'

During his campaign against Chris Shays, Jim Himes had a website, which is still running,, in which Himes attempts to paint Shays as partisan. His point obviously is that a partisan Congressman does not reflect the will of the voters and should be replaced.

But if Himes simply went by the numbers, he would not have had a case. So what did he do? He somehow created a "close vote" category. When the votes were "close," according to Himes, Shays voted 89 percent of the time with his party. Because of this alleged voting record, Shays should not get your support, and unfortunately, the majority believed this spin.

Here are the facts. During his 18 years in Congress, Shays voted 10,770 times. 8,451 times he voted with his party, or 78 percent of the time. Himes has voted 1,375 times so far during his term. 1,293 times he voted with his party, or 94 percent of the time.

Using Himes' standard, he should not get your vote in November and I fully agree. Not only is he far more partisan than Shays, but the votes he has taken during his time has occurred during a period the majority of this country believes has been more liberal than any in memory. In fact, in a recent poll conducted by a firm connected to James Carville, hardly a right wing fan, 55 percent replied that "socialist" was a good word to describe this administration.

It is under that socialist leaning leadership that Himes sided with 94 percent of the time. My guess is, in the "close vote" category, Himes sided with Reid, Pelosi, Obama close to 100 percent of the time. The Himes experiment should end this November.

Kevin Dillon


Hit and run

On July 19 between 9 and 9:15 p.m., as my car was stopped at the corner of Sturges and Old Mill roads, three cars turned into Old Mill. One of them hit my car and all three continued up Old Mill. As I got out of the car to inspect the damage, I noticed that one of the three cars had stopped, but as I yelled at it, the car took off. I drove up Old Mill and into town to the police station where I made a report.

As I waited at the stop sign at the corner of Sturges and Unquowa Roads, I noticed these cars, headlights on, stopped on Sturges about a block away to my left, apparently waiting for me to make the turn even though they had the right of way. As soon as I stopped at Sturges and Old Mill, the cars continued down Sturges and turned into Old Mill where one of them hit me. Whether intentional or not, hit-and-run is a serious offense, and anyone who noticed anything that night at that time, especially a description of the cars or their plates, is ethically obligated to relay that information to the police.

As I returned home, I noticed a swarm of teen drivers all over the neighborhood. The police should have had a car or two in that area doing some investigating. Does anyone know where these kids are and what they're doing? Or care? Given the terrifyingly reckless driving behavior all over town, maybe not--until it's your kid or your car.

Mary Galgota