Respect urgent


Regarding the article about the Fairfield Police Department needing more manpower, I couldn't agree more! Even though I am a huge defender of the "zero growth budget" for the town considering all who are in desperate financial straits; we absolutely must support our own police department. We have all read about all the rise in robberies of homes, in cars and businesses.

David Peck is an extraordinary leader and we need to honor his recommendations. I remember reading about an amazing program he sent his officers to a while back. I believe it was in Washington, they participated in a training related to the Holocaust. Its purpose was to awaken the officers to the dangers of abuse of power. It taught about how the Gestapo were operating in "mob rule" consciousness and became horrifyingly merciless. This is the kind of chief of police we want to keep and to respect urgent recommendations.

Joy LeVine Abrams


`Fairfield is the center

of caring'

Why are there so many bald kids in Fairfield? It's a safe bet that if you live or shop in Fairfield you have wondered about the strange new haircut everyone seems to be sporting. Well, that is because Fairfield is the center of caring. Yes, Fairfield.

Participants in a St. Baldrick's event shave their heads in exchange for donations towards research. Efforts fund research and bald heads are a display of solidarity with kids who have cancer. Since its founding in 2000, the St. Baldrick's Foundation has raised more than $69 million by shaving more than 107,000 heads in 24 countries. St. Baldrick's funds more childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the U.S. Government. That is pretty incredible but what is even more so is this. Would you believe that there were 467 Fairfield residents who shaved their heads at one or another St. Baldrick's celebration? Three quarters of the participants were children!

A variety of events took place over the past few weeks -- ranging from schools to private homes to Arena at Harbor Yard. What they all had in common was the caring nature of the participants, who knew that they could do something so personal and so giving and really make a difference in the world. I do believe that Fairfield has a higher percentage of participants in St. Baldrick's than any other town in the country.

So many of us have been affected by childhood cancer. That isn't uncommon, Cancer is the No. 1 cause of death by disease in children. What is uncommon is the response, and how willing the residents of Fairfield are to give of themselves to fight it. Although the childhood cancer cure rate is now nearing 80 percent, it really hasn't moved much in last decade or two, and it is still not 100 percent.

Our town is filled with many people, including quite a few childhood cancer survivors. And that is a beautiful thing -- decades ago they wouldn't have had a chance, but thanks to people who were born long before we were, these people act as living proof that our community's efforts make a difference. Now we must move that survival percentage from 80 to 100 percent. No child should ever die of cancer. We are excited that the science is there to make things better for our children in the future, the problem is that the money isn't -- and our town is trying to change that.

We feel honored to be a part of such a special community. We have drawn a lot of strength from the community in the past and we are heartened to watch all of the positive energy be channeled into something so tangible that will help our grandchildren ... and their grandchildren. All 467 brave people may already be watching their hair grow back, but the result of their efforts has just begun. The awareness they spread every day, by showing people their bald heads and by showing kids with cancer that they are not alone, and the money that they raised for research -- those are seeds that's have barely begun to grow. Yes, I should mention that these bald heads have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars that will go towards fighting childhood cancer. Their efforts will have long, long legs and help others forever. The ultimate goal of the St. Baldrick's Foundation has not been achieved -- the goal to cure childhood cancer. Until that day, we must continue to work to fund the best and most promising research to achieve that goal, so that no parent hears the words that I once heard: "Your child has cancer."

Dana McCreesh


Thank you

How about a big thank you to Total Look Salon of Fairfield and Southport and their 55 employees who gave up Saturday revenues to shave 531 heads in support of the St. Baldrick's Foundation at the Arena at Harbor Yard! The buzz is that this was the fifth year Cher Anderson and her clippers volunteered their time and talents for the cause of childhood cancer research.

Alloe Stokes