What's your answer

to cancer?

The Kids Care Committee of Relay For Life of Fairfield invites all children in grades k-5 to participate in a poster contest. The theme of the poster is: "What is your Answer to Cancer?" A few starting examples are to eat right, exercise and raise money for cancer research.

Posters should be on paper no bigger than 17 x 21.5 inches, and each child is limited to one entry. Submissions must be turned in on June 7 from 5--8 p.m. at the Fairfield Ludlowe High School library, 785 Unquowa Road.

The winning posters will be copied and displayed around the Ludlowe track during Relay For Life on Saturday, June 12, to Sunday, June 13, in addition to being featured in the local newspapers.

The Relay For Life of Fairfield is honored to have placed in the top 10 relays in all of New England for the past five consecutive years, raising more than a quarter of a million dollars at each annual event. Fairfield is passionately dedicated to the REASon to Relay: Research, Education, Advocacy and Service. Keeping true to that mission, Relay welcomes our youths' inspired artwork capturing the Answer to Cancer.

Calli Fodor,

Kids Care Chairman,


What do we get?

Once again, self-promoting politicians never miss the opportunity to surprise me by their sheer arrogance. It's prevalent everywhere -- just last week our secretary of state wasted valuable time fighting her claim that she was qualified to serve as attorney general when she had never saw the inside of a courtroom all so she could be in the best possible position to run for Senate someday.

Here's another good example -- the brazen Fairfield state Rep. Kim Fawcett, who ditched her duties as state representative in March to jet off to Nepal for a tax-paid vacation while she left her colleagues to deal with a massive financial mess that the tax-payers are now left to clean up.

While Fawcett was on her so-called learning tour/pleasure trip in Asia, her colleagues on the budget appropriations committee (a post mind you that she touts when it is the most politically expedient) were hard at work putting throwing together a budget at the 11th hour that will cost the state (that is you and me) for a labor-union drafted government run universal health care plan. Upon her arrival back home, you would think that Fawcett, the "outsider," "the pragmatist" and "the compromiser," would attempt to challenge the merits of such a program. Nah. Why would you want to break precedence as a party line voter?

Since Fawcett was elected into office four years ago, she has touted herself as "future first and party politics second" kind of politician and has the gall to lecture us on how we need to "do more with less." For all of her platitudes and sound bytes, what do we get? Someone who says we have to do more with less voting against lowering her own salary. Thanks a ton. Too bad she didn't just stay in Asia.

Michael E. Hahn


Check the facts

I am writing this in response to the letter sent by Kate Daniello and Bob Forcellina regarding the recently passed Fairfield town budget. In their letter, Daniello and Forcellina state the "Republican RTM members tried to reduce the increase in the town side of the budget by more than $600,000, but were held to a reduction of only $193,609 by their Democratic counterparts."

The last time I checked, it is a statistical impossibility for the 12 Democratic RTM members to influence a vote in the overwhelmingly Republican RTM, which currently holds 38 seats. Perhaps instead, a few level-headed Democrats appealed to the good sense of the majority Republicans, and together the RTM passed a fair, non-partisan budget that is in the best interests of all the citizens of Fairfield.

In fact, one of the largest reductions proposed was by Republican representative Peter Ambrose, who made a motion to reduce the budget by $310,000 to eliminate an extra overtime firefighter position. After much discussion, and before a vote on the proposed amendment, Representative Ambrose withdrew his motion stating that public safety must come before all else.

So, I suggest that before Daniello and Forcellina write another letter to the editor, they check the facts first, or perhaps take a refresher math class.

Karen Sussman


`I was there. Was WTP?'

A recent letter from Kate Daniello and Bob Forcellina of We the People repeats their request for audits of town side and school operations. This notion has been tossed around for several years and I support their request. Let's all recognize, however, that such audit will cost money and, if undertaken before the end of the calendar year (if that's even possible), will require a special appropriation in the high five or low six figures.

Now to my knowledge, WTP has, Tea Party-like, always portrayed itself as a nonpartisan organization, but one comment in the letter drew my attention. They state that the Republican members of the RTM sought to make additional cuts in the amount of more than $600,000 to the Board of Finance approved budget, "but were held to a reduction of only $193,609 by their Democratic counterparts." Huh?

I would make my own request of WTP. Please explain to me how exactly a "super minority" of 12 out of a body of 50 can prevent anything? This is simply a gratuitous, fact-free partisan swipe worthy of Glenn Beck. If one thinks WTP is "nonpartisan," I suggest that one think again.

The fact of the matter is that, for example, more than half of the $600,000 was a manpower-related cut to the fire department budget, which was motivated as much by political righteous indignation about the overblown "side letter controversy," as it was by fiscal discipline. A 20-minute presentation by the first selectman, and more pointedly by Chief Richard Felner, clearly demonstrated how hastily prepared and ill-considered the cut was. The Republicans requested a caucus (one of several, as it turned out) and upon their return withdrew the item. Cooler heads prevailed. End of story.

I was there. Was WTP? If Daniello and/or Forcellina can explain how Democrats, representing 24 percent of the RTM, prevented this or any other cut, I'm all ears.

Doug Jones


To the town of Fairfield:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The Town Fairfield Walk team was part of a tremendous and magical success at Calf Pasture Beach last weekend honoring cancer patients and survivors as well as those who had passed away. The wonderful warmth, courage and spirit of all of you who ran, walked, or volunteered for Norwalk Hospital's Whittingham Cancer Center walk/run was heartwarming.

We can't thank you enough! With your help, more than 2,500 participants raised $300,000! The funds are used to support cancer services on five fronts: quality patient care, research and clinical trails, innovative therapies, support groups and education.

We could not have accomplished this without the tireless work of our vibrant Fairfield leaders, Dawn and Drew Hiltz and Marybeth and Philip Morris. On behalf of our patients and their families, the entire Norwalk Hospital family thanks you!

Mary Franco, President,

Norwalk Hospital Foundation

and VP Public Affairs

Dan DeBarba, President and CEO,

Norwalk Hospital