Kim Fawcett state representative of ... Nepal ?

Connecticut is in the worst economic crisis in our history and where is our state Representative Kim Fawcett? She's in Nepal. Nepal? What do they have to do with the 133rd district and Connecticut? Nothing! Who's paying for this? You are.

Fawcett's trip is being funded by a grant from the U.S. State Department (our tax dollars) and her salary is coming out of the state of Connecticut budget (our tax dollars). How can she even think of squandering money while so many are unemployed, the state is drowning in debt, and Connecticut 's biggest private employer, United Technologies, has signaled they will be moving out of the state? Her job is to represent the 133rd District in Connecticut, not to represent the country. That's why we have the U.S. State Department and U.S. Representatives. This not a job for a state representative.

The fact that she is missing approximately 10 percent of her required time of service this year with so much at stake for our state's future is quite appalling. This trip does nothing for our district and the state and she is continuing to get paid while she is not even showing up for work.

This displays a lack of responsibility to her constituents and the citizens of this state. It displays an attitude of someone who cares more about their political career than doing the job we elected her to do in Hartford. With only roughly six weeks left of the 2010 Legislative session, Fawcett has shown a total lack of concern for her job and the issues facing the 133rd District and our great state of Connecticut .

But I wager she will Twitter and/or Facebook us about her adventures in Kathmandu and have some cute pictures to post. I'm sure this will appease her ego and maybe help her get somewhere, but where does it get us, the people she is supposed to be serving? Nowhere.

Mark Dunlevy


Fawcett walked out

I was dismayed to learn my current state representative, Kim Fawcett, left on an eight-day trip to Kathmandu during the height of the 2010 legislative session. In a recent press release, Fawcett characterized her trip to Nepal as "a great opportunity."

I don't understand Fawcett's logic. It might be a great opportunity for her but here in Connecticut we are desperately trying to deal with a fiscal crisis she helped create. We have serious problems in Connecticut: 9 percent unemployment, $500 million state budget deficit, $43.1 billion unfunded pension deficit and a free-spending state legislature that consistently refuses to make any meaningful spending cuts during a recession.

It was even more infuriating to read that representative Fawcett will join six other political leaders from the United States "to study Nepal's political system and engage in dialogue on issues." I suggest Fawcett study our Connecticut political system and find a place to cut $500 million and balance the budget. As for studying Nepal's political system with some other U.S. politicians I offer that a conference call and a couple of Google searches will suffice for the time being.

I am ashamed that my elected representative walked out on her duties as a state representative at a time like this. She is showing a complete disrespect for her constituents who elected her and to the office she holds. The legislative session, after all, is only three months long, and one would think she could at least commit that much time to her job.

Edward J. Bateson III


Get some relief

Are you tired of the news coming from our State Capitol? Are you tired of increased unemployment? Are you tired of increase taxes? Are you tired of regulation and government intrusion? Are you tired of giving away your hard earned money? Are you tired of hearing politicians telling you the wonderful things your state legislature is doing you while you sit around your kitchen table trying to make ends meet?

Join me in supporting someone who is tired of it too. Vote for Brenda Kupchick on May 18 so we can get some relief!

Matt Rubino,

RTM Distict 10,


Kupchick will make a difference

As a small business owner and mother of three children, I was absolutely thrilled to hear that Brenda Kupchick was running for state representative. Kupchick is a breath of fresh air. Our state's legislature is completely out of control and this Democratic majority is destroying us with uncontrolled spending, continuous tax increases and regulation on business. Kupchick is a no-nonsense, straight-talking woman who is just as fed up as the rest of us with the way government is operating.

Those of us who know Kupchick know she will work hard to reshape how our state government works. I have watched many people go to Hartford with great intentions. They arrive and then they become part of the problem. Kupchick will not be pushed around. We will never have to worry about her, she has integrity and will be a strong voice for Fairfield.

We need more people like Kupchick willing to step up to make a difference.

I ask all my friends who are registered Republican to vote for the best choice on May 18. We will not be disappointed.

Sarah Ellis