I have to chuckle at Democrat Kevin W. Flynn's recent letter weighing in on the Republican nominating process for the state house race in the 132nd House District. Flynn states: "At no point have I heard a compelling reason whey we need someone other than our existing state representative, Tom Drew." Flynn is the same Ethics commissioner who shouted me down at an Ethics Commission meeting because he didn't like my statement, even though I had been recognized by the chairman and was speaking in full accordance with the Ethics Commission's own rules. Thankfully, after Flynn's disruption, the chairman did let me finish my statement.

Flynn, who is also a state of Connecticut employee, might want to listen a little better this time and he will understand that Tom Drew, who has distinguished himself as nothing but a back-bencher after six years in office, has been all the while shoveling political coal for his liberal leadership as they dug this state into a deep, deep fiscal hole. I think that performance is compelling reason enough for a change.

Vote to send Republicans to the statehouse in November if you want someone to value your hard earned money.

Jim Brown


DeSanctis committed to ideals

It is a pleasure to endorse Chris DeSanctis, my colleague, for state representative in Fairfield's 132nd legislative district. I've known and taught with DeSanctis for many years at Sacred Heart University and can vouch for his integrity, commitment to excellence and his experience. DeSanctis' insight into policy matters is significant and his impressive interpersonal skills are necessary in a job that requires one to build coalitions. My father, Larry DeNardis, a candidate for governor of Connecticut, needs people like DeSanctis in the legislature who are fully committed to the ideals of limited government and fiscal responsibility.

Dr. Lesley DeNardis,

Department of Government and Politics,

Sacred Heart University,


State needs Kupchick: `Enough said'

The system in Hartford is broken. Our state government has come to mirror the very same waste and ineffectiveness which we as citizens have witnessed in Washington, D.C. Government has simply grown too big, too inefficient, too bureaucratic and too expensive to afford. When all is said and done, our state leaders simply lack the will to deliver a balance budget. Equally as bad and certainly connected, they have embraced policies which have driven away the entrepreneurship of the private sector.

This is a problem that did not occur over night. It has taken decades to create and likely will take years to correct. Good intentions are not the answer. Years of well intended progressivism have brought us to this point. We need people who get it. We need individuals who are absolutely committed to sound fiscal responsibility; we need individuals who will cut spending, lower taxes, create incentives for investment, and grow the private sector.

Brenda Kupchick is one such individual. Our state needs Kupchick, and many more like her. The good news is that she is running for state representative in the 132nd district. Enough said.

Tom McCarthy


Applauding DeSanctis

There are two candidates running for the Republican nomination for state representative in Fairfield's 132 legislative district. There is only one candidate who has said exactly what he wants to do. Chris DeSanctis has the right ideas that will get Connecticut working again: fully committing to never support increased taxes; enacting the state constitutional spending cap, forcing government to live within its means; and reducing the state bureaucracy that has grown too big to pay for.

I read in a recent letter to the editor some harsh criticism for DeSanctis' pledge to never vote for a tax increase. I applaud DeSanctis for doing so. This is not a time to make it more expensive to live in Connecticut.

Join me in supporting Chris DeSanctis on May 18. Voting is from 4 to 8 p.m. It's time to move away from career politicians and toward new leadership in Hartford.

Roger Dow,

Fairfield RTC

Kupchick takes

on tough issues

I am writing to voice my support for Brenda Kupchick in the race for state representative for the 132nd District. I have a great deal of respect for Kupchick because she has never shied away from the tough issues that have faced our town. She has served with distinction on the RTM and Board of Education during some of the most tumultuous times in Fairfield's recent history.

Talking points and campaign pledges define a candidate's position, but they do not define the candidate. In today's political arena, the same philosophies are often adopted by many, but practiced by few once they get elected. I respect the candidate who has the courage of their convictions, and has stood up for their beliefs while actually in the arena. I have seen Kupchick participate in the rough and tumble cauldron of Board of Education meetings, and she never lost her cool or her willingness to raise a point or vote her conscience.

Aside from her considerable political resume, Kupchick is first and foremost a good person. Fairfield is fortunate to have her on the RTM. The 132nd District would be fortunate to have her as its State Representative.

Robert Bellitto Jr.