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The Fairfield Tea Party proudly endorses Chris DeSanctis for State Representative in Fairfield (www.chrisdesanctis.com). DeSanctis spoke to our group a couple of weeks ago and stated his desire to help restore the principles of limited government, individual responsibility and fiscal restraint to Hartford. This is why I urge all Republicans in legislative district 132 to vote for him on May 18 (4 to 8 p.m.).

DeSanctis' background is impressive, encompassing higher education, nonprofit and public service work. He was appointed by Gov. M. Jodi Rell to a transportation council and to the Connecticut Statewide Property Tax Cap Commission by House Minority Leader Larry Cafero. His focus on fiscal issues is also impressive. He signed the Americans for Tax Reform Pledge stating that he'll never vote for higher taxes, and is on record supporting the enactment of the state constitutional spending cap.

These reasons and more are why the Fairfield Tea Party has unanimously decided to support DeSanctis in this Republican nomination race.

Robert Willis,


Fairfield Tea Party

Former selectmen

support Kupchick

We are very proud to stand in support of Brenda Kupchick in her effort to become the next state representative for the 132nd District in Fairfield. Kupchick has dedicated so much of her time and energy over the last 15 years in support of our town. We have all worked with Brenda and know her to be thoughtful and extremely effective. Brenda has proven herself to be a strong leader and an intense listener who has a strong record of results for Fairfield.

Kupchick is clearly the right person to bring the desperately needed change to our state's legislature with her common sense approach and tireless work ethic. Fairfield is a special place we all are proud of. Kupchick will continue to build on the accomplishments we have set forth in representing Fairfield as our next state representative. We are calling on all Republicans to come out to support Kupchick in the May 18 caucus. Kupchick is simply is the best choice for Fairfield.

Former Fairfield First Selectmen Paul Audley and John Metsopoulos, former Fairfield Selectmen Carl Dickman, Richard Cellar, Jill Kelly and Steve Elworthy