Former legislators support Kupchick

Brenda Kupchick is a tireless volunteer and champion of good government, Brenda has earned the respect of her constituents and is known for her stalwart efforts to better our town and community. Brenda truly understands the needs of our community as she has served on the front lines for us for many years in her service on both the Representative Town Meeting and the Board of Education. We are confident that she will bring a deep understanding of the issues and will deliver common-sense solutions once she is elected.

We know how challenging it can be to get things done in state government and we are confident that Brenda's dedication and passion can overcome the barriers, which block so many legislators in Hartford. Brenda Kupchick is simply the best candidate to bring the Republican Party victory in November and provide much needed balance to the Connecticut General Assembly.

We urge Republican voters who live in the 132nd district to vote for Brenda Kupchick in the May 18 caucus.

Former State Representatives Carl Dickman, Jack Stone, Cathy Tymniak, Elinor Wilber and former State Sen. Ted Lovegrove


Bring Brenda to Hartford

I am proudly endorsing my friend and Representative Town Meeting (RTM) colleague, Brenda Kupchick for the State Legislative, 132nd district.

Over the years, I have watched Brenda Kupchick work tirelessly to improve our community...whether it was during her tenure on the Board of Education, on the RTM, or just as a concerned citizen.

I admire Brenda for always being engaged in the issues that affect all of us...from her work during the mold crisis at the McKinley School to being an advocate for fiscal responsibility and working to improve the quality of education in our town. She is a compassionate listener, and a person of action, who has deep roots in our community. Brenda will bring immense knowledge of our town, to Hartford.

Please vote for Brenda Kupchick on May 18th, at the Republican caucus, from 4 to 8 pm.

Nicholas Mirabile,

RTM - District 9,


Vote for Kupchick

I have known Brenda Kupchick for many years. She has given so much of her time as a local elected official which is all volunteer work. As my former neighbor I came to know Brenda and her husband and son very well. Brenda and her husband Peter started their own small business in Fairfield 20 years ago and they worked long hours to make it a success. Brenda was always at the school helping out wherever she was needed. When members of the school community and neighborhood were facing a controversial issue Brenda rose to the challenge and formed an advocacy group called One Voice. She hadn't ever done anything like this before. Brenda was successful in bringing people together from all over town to work together toward common goals.

It was amazing to watch this mother, wife and small family business owner turn into a passionate advocate that produced real results for not just her neighbors but for many people across Fairfield who felt unheard. Brenda didn't go away after those issues were resolved. She continued to stay involved giving her time and passion to issues that were important to people in our community. I respect those who give of themselves selflessly in the service of others. Brenda doesn't just talk about what needs to be done, she has a history of actually getting things done that matter to the people she represents.

I respect Brenda Kupchick and I know she will bring the same passion and integrity to Hartford representing the people of Fairfield. Vote for results on May 18.

Barbara Holahan


Vote for DeSanctis

I'm an aspiring law student taking an American Government class with Professor DeSanctis at Norwalk Community College. I wanted to take the opportunity to say to the people of Fairfield not only what a fantastic person he is, but also how great of a candidate he is for State Representative. I've been able to intern on his campaign and have seen that he truly believes the American principles that he teaches. Professor DeSanctis believes that the best way of keeping this country great is by teaching young people about how our government works so that we can protect the ideals and values that make America special: limited government, free markets, rule of law, and individual liberty. These things are essential to the quality of life that many of us enjoy. As someone who is from another country I have come to appreciate these principles that make America the best country in the world. Professor DeSanctis is the most qualified candidate and he wants to be an advocate for these principles as Connecticut's next State Representative in Fairfield's district 132. I encourage voters who are participating in the May 18 election to vote for Professor DeSanctis and tell their friends and families about his story. Thank you.

Willian Barboza

Norwalk Community College Student