The case of the missing lawnmower has a happy ending -- thanks to the good-old-fashioned neighborhood bonds that Fairfield families are famous for.

No, the culprit who stole Longview Avenue resident Lisa Havey's $700 lawnmower in late August didn't have a sudden stroke of conscience. Her neighbors banded together and got her a new one.

And Lisa is more than appreciative of the gesture. She was all smiles when sharing the good news with me Sunday at the grocery store. So was her son, Alex. Call her crazy, but he says his mom loves mowing the lawn. It's therapeutic, she says.

I first became aware of the Havey's missing mower like many other residents did -- I saw a sheet draped over her fence with the words "Please Return My Lawnmower" written on it.

Forget a police report. Here's an interesting way of attempting to recover stolen property, I thought.

Lisa shared with me then that Alex had left the lawnmower in the yard when a bunch of bees began attacking him mid-mow. Within no time, the mower -- covered with clippings and still hot from its recent use -- was gone.

But now, thanks to the generosity of her neighbors, Lisa can once again obtain the sense of peace she finds in mowing her lawn. That is, until the snow comes.

Gary Jeanfaivre is the editor of the Fairfield Citizen. He can be reached at