My son has acquired all of these sacred hallmarks. He's a great kid who is now a great guy. We proudly witnessed wonderful events such as the bar mitzvah, university graduation day, post-grad degree ceremony and the wedding to my wonderful daughter-in-law. Please don't misunderstand -- all of these things are terrific, and are life's great blessings. However, as it turns out, they were merely playoff victories leading up the Parental Stanley Cup.

The other day, I sat silent (for the most part), and motionless (sort of), as my son Ascended the Mount and ... negotiated a car lease all by himself. I have to say: OMG! Goal! We won!

Maybe this is a little twisted, but at that moment, I struck me that he is truly a man. He no longer needs me to tell him to be careful, or zip his jacket or help his mother. Even though I recognize that for the past year-and-a-half he has been under new management, anyway (daughter-in-law), it still took this moment to realize that he really is an adult. All that education and the work accomplishments aside, it was the car lease that sealed the deal.

A huge weight came off of my shoulders. I can go back to being neurotic just about myself. Do you realize how liberating that is? So look, enjoy all of the great moments that lead up to The Big One.

They're all terrific, and they can stand by themselves, or at least until the One True Moment smacks you in the face. Be on the lookout and stay sharp, because its brilliance will blindside you.

Now, is this really a healthy outlook? Of course not -- it's very twisted at best. I have to tell you, though, when your daughter-in-law shuts down an aggressive car salesman, and he retreats while whimpering, back to his desk, it's pretty good. And then, when your son lays out his case to the next salesman, and the guy counters, and your son stands his ground, while giving the impression he's compromising, man ... that beats the first pull on a hot summer's day beer anytime.

Geoff Kooris lives in Fairfield. He's a voice-over talent, musician, husband and proud father.