Political Mailbag

Supporting Merkle

for Congress

To the Editor:

Our current national debt is hovering above 13 trillion dollars and projected to increase a trillion a year for the next 10 years. The spending that is taking place in our nation's capital is irresponsible and out of control.

And, since Jim Himes has been in Washington, he has voted for more than $4 trillion of new public debt. The government must adhere to the same principles that we do every day and live within its means. He is currently enabling the bankruptcy of our republic. Currently all Americans, from infants to grandparents, owe the United States government $42,000. We are on an unsustainable path that must be made right at the polls this November.

It is our responsibility for the next generation to vote in candidates that will tackle these issues and rein in government spending. Rob Merkle is running for Congress and understands that drastic changes need to be made in Washington.

His first priority would be to freeze all government spending and immediately institute a 3-5 percent reduction in every department budget till the national debt is eliminated. This will force the federal government to reduce waste and inefficiency.

Rob Merkle supports the elimination of all earmarks and programs which are redundant or do not work. This is a candidate that understands the fiscal sacrifices families make.

The primary is Aug. 10; it's time for us to elect a responsible leader like Rob Merkle.

Bob MacGuffie


Voting for Debicella

to defeat Himes

To the Editor:

Enough is enough. It is time to restore balance, fiscal responsibility and independent thinking in Congress. Doing so requires your vote on Aug. 10 (registered Republicans) and in November (everyone who has had enough).

Our current Congressman, Jim Himes, has been a rubber stamp for [Speaker of the House] Nancy Pelosi's reckless spending and the rest of her agenda. The Democrat incumbent Himes' voting record aligns with Nancy's on nearly every vote. Opencongress.org also shows Himes' attendance record is equally deplorable -- voting yes (62 percent); No (4 percent); abstaining (1 percent); and, not present, an unworthy 33 percent.

Discussions at town hall meetings confirm no independence in his thinking. Himes has failed to recognize, listen to, or consider alternative views from the 49 percent who voted for his leading opponent. Himes' behaviors are all too typical. He is not talking with us; he is talking at us. Some in Congress think they know best, no matter what their constituents say.

Himes won by just 2,491 votes out of 287,199 cast among the top two candidates (see ct.gov). He is not "representing" his constituents. The anger with Congress has been confirmed in a Gallop-USA Today poll in April and a CNN poll in June. Both CNN and Gallop show just a 30 percent satisfaction rating with Congress. Most Americans are dissatisfied with Congress; District 4 citizens are as well.

Congressional candidate Dan Debicella is opposing Himes. Dan earned the Republican nomination with 77 percent of the delegates (of which I was one). I know Dan. Dan is the candidate I trust to get the job done. He holds a master's in business administration and has worked for McKinsey, Pepsi and The Hartford. He and his wife live in Shelton. He has served our area as a Connecticut state senator, and part of the minority opposing Connecticut's tax-and-overspend approach.

Most importantly, Dan is listening to his constituents, and rather than pushing force-fed, unread bills and patronizing political agendas, Dan is actually asking what is on our mind, talking with us, and will represent us. Enough is enough. The silent majority is now vocal and taking action.

Help restore balance to Congress and bring back true representation of constituents' views from the bottom-up. To ensure your chances of restoring balance and creditability in Congress, you need to act now.

Mark your calendars and vote Tuesday, Aug. 10, for Dan Debicella in the primary. There are a few would-be spoilers which, if you don't get out and vote, could ruin our chances to defeat Himes.

We need to vote on Aug. 10. We need to vote for Dan Debicella. We need to defeat Himes.

Confirm your registration. If you are traveling or vacationing, get, complete and deliver your absentee ballot. If you are registered as an Independent, unaffiliated, or you are new to Connecticut, you can vote for Dan by registering as a Republican in person at your town's Registrar of Voters office until noon on Aug. 9.

Finally, tell your friends across all of District 4. Politics can no longer be a taboo topic socially.

Every vote counts in the Aug. 10 primary and, then, in the November election.

Vicki Slack