Political Mailbag

Debicella will return strong leadership

Until 2008, Connecticut's 4th Congressional District was represented by strong independent-minded Republicans for more than 30 years. Principled and thoughtful leaders like Christopher Shays and Stewart McKinney worked tirelessly to protect the unique character and exceptional quality of life we and our families enjoy in Fairfield County. We need a leader like that again.

Dan Debicella is that leader. An accomplished state Senator who grew up in Bridgeport and was raised in Shelton, Dan embodies the independent spirit of the district he seeks to represent. He is a staunch fiscal conservative who has stood up to Hartford's out-of-control spending and authored no-tax increase balanced budget proposals in the General Assembly in each of the past three years. Like his predecessors, Shays and McKinney, he takes a moderate approach on social issues that is reflective of his constituency. We can count on Dan to be a good steward of the Long Island Sound and to bring innovative solutions to south western Connecticut's transportation gridlock.

On Tuesday, I urge you to join me in supporting state Senator Dan Debicella in the Republican primary for Congress in Connecticut's 4th Congressional District.

Leonard Benton


Debicella is the `better way' for county

On Tuesday, I hope voters throughout Fairfield County will rally behind state Senator Dan Debicella in his bid to win the Republican primary for the 4th Congressional District seat. Debicella is far and away our best hope at unseating Congressman Jim Himes in November.

Debicella is the right man for these difficult times. He is an independent leader who has taken on both Democrats and Republicans, including Governor Rell, in the name of fiscal responsibility and good government. When the governor proposed a massive tax increase in 2007 to pay for landmark education reforms, Debicella said there was a better way and co-authored the no-tax increase budget that eventually passed without sacrificing the governor's education proposals.

Debicella is the "better way." Our current congressman, Jim Himes, has blindly followed his parties path on legislation that hurts our economy and has ignored his constituents. Mr. Himes has voted for government-run healthcare, higher taxes and trillion dollar government bailouts. Our country is at a crossroads and we need an honest and thoughtful person who will represent us with integrity and will run a congressional office that is responsive and helpful.

It all starts this Tuesday. Debicella deserves to win the Republican primary. We deserve a Congressman we can be proud of.

Brenda L. Kupchick


Merkle is true grassroots candidate for Congress

Dear Fellow Republicans and Independents,

I urge you to vote in the primary on Tuesday, Aug. 10. It's your chance to make your preferences known.

After months of researching, listening to and talking with the candidates, I will be voting for Rob Merkle to represent the 4th Congressional District. Rob has a clear detailed plan that offers common sense solutions that will help to solve many of the problems our country currently faces. Rob is not a politician but a citizen who couldn't take the news coming out of Washington any more.

I don't think the Republican leadership is listening to the people. They don't realize that we really are tired of politics as usual and we don't want a hand-picked party favorite. We want a true citizen candidate with a new approach to solving our country's problems.

Please go to Rob's website, www.merkleforcongress.com, and read for yourself his detailed ideas for moving our country back onto its intended track.

Please join me in supporting a true grassroots candidate, Rob Merkle. Let's start a wave of real change, one vote at a time, on Tuesday, Aug. 10.

Laurie McArdle


McKinney endorses Griebel for governor

The consequences of this year's election cannot be overstated. The State of Connecticut is in economic crisis and don't let anyone tell you differently. We have lost more than 100,000 jobs in this recession; businesses are closing in record numbers; middle-class families are finding it harder to make ends meet; and far too many of our bright, young and motivated graduates simply can no longer afford to live and work here.

Connecticut's recovery will be further hindered by the nearly $10 billion deficit we face over the next three years, and because of a tax and regulatory structure that is causing successful entrepreneurs to leave our state for greener pastures and friendlier legislatures. As they go, they are taking jobs and tax revenues with them.

On Tuesday, Republicans and Democrats will go to the polls to select the gubernatorial candidate they believe has the best chance at reversing these trends. My vote in the Republican primary will be cast for Oz Griebel.

Oz is a true political outsider -- free from the mistakes of past administrations -- and his work ethic and character are beyond reproach.

Oz knows better than any candidate in this race the challenges our business leaders face and what they need from a governor to create jobs and ensure a long and profitable future in Connecticut.

As a business and community leader, Oz has earned the trust and respect, not only of government officials, but also of the leaders of private industry whose involvement and support is going to be crucial to the solutions that ultimately get our economy on solid footing again.

We have a strong field of candidates in the Republican Party, but Oz has the most relevant experience, judgment and understanding of Connecticut's economy to lead our state forward.

Please join me in voting Oz Griebel for governor on Aug. 10.

John McKinney

State Senate Minority Leader

Representing Easton, Fairfield, Newtown and Weston

Griebel embodies Republican values

Oz Griebel has refused to use your tax dollars to fund his campaign and has earned -- not bought -- the trust and dedication of thousands of supporters.

Oz is committed to reducing the terrible burden Hartford has inflicted upon taxpayers and businesses in this state. If elected, he will run the state as he has run his campaign -- cleanly and efficiently, while cutting waste and red tape.

On Tuesday, Aug. 10, vote for the candidate who hasn't just talked like a Republican; vote for the only man who has acted like one throughout the primary campaign, Oz Griebel.

Please join respected Republicans like Senate Minority Leader John McKinney and business advocates throughout the state and vote for Oz Griebel for governor this Tuesday.

Jim Baldwin


Impressed with Drew's work

In the upcoming November election, we have a chance to shape the direction our state government will take. Because of the difficult financial position Connecticut is in, this election is much more important than usual. Some of our state officials, such as the governor, have decided not to run for re-election. Some of our state officials who are running should not be returned to office. I am writing to ask that you support one of our representatives who should be returned to office and vote for the qualified, hard-working state Rep. Tom Drew, D-132.

Rep. Drew has impressed me as our representative in these ways:

He has educated himself on the issues facing us. He understands that difficult decisions need to be made now to secure our success as a state in the long term. Rep. Drew understands the need to balance government costs with the responsibility to help our most vulnerable neighbors.

Rep. Drew looks at the process of government in a logical way. He has spoken about the need to constantly reprioritize the services we expect our state to provide, identify the most important and provide them to the best of our financial ability.

Rep. Drew knows that special interest voices must not be heard above our voices. He has worked, and continues to work for campaign financing laws that give our representatives the best chance for independence. The ability of our representatives to vote independently is the best way to help the greatest number of our citizens, not the most powerful.

Additionally, Rep. Drew has made an effort to meet every one of his constituents, is responsive to requests for help or information, and is happy to discuss his work on our behalf at any time.

Please vote for him in the election this November.

Allen Marks


Smart choices for Democrat's primary

Democrats can perform a vital public service for Connecticut by voting smart in our Aug. 10 primary election. The smart choices are:

For Governor/Lt. Governor: Malloy/Wyman -- Spark Connecticut's revitalization by voting for Malloy/Wyman. Dan Malloy was mayor of Stamford's renaissance -- an influx of new businesses, jobs and federal funding, Connecticut's first universal preschool, and dramatic reductions in crime and government bureaucracy. As the Hartford Courant said in endorsing Malloy: "Mr. Malloy's accomplishments in Stamford could serve as a blueprint for what Connecticut needs to do, beyond living within its means." His running mate, state Comptroller Nancy Wyman, is the quintessential maven of state finance, a budget watchdog and a leader in healthcare reform initiatives. Vote for Malloy/Wyman, a synergistic team and the only team qualified to lead Connecticut's renaissance.

For Secretary of the State: Gerry Garcia --A brilliant, articulate, compassionate candidate with a bachelor's of arts and master's in business administration from Yale University, Gerry Garcia can be Connecticut's first Latino elected to statewide office, and definitely the first Jewish Puerto Rican. As testament to his unique potential for enhancing the inclusiveness our political process, 40 percent of contributors to Garcia's campaign are low-income citizens. He is endorsed by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro. Before you vote, watch Garcia's short YouTube video and judge for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSAtKK_OxtE

For Comptroller: Kevin Lembo -- Lembo served for six years in the Comptroller's office and is endorsed by Connecticut's Comptroller, Nancy Wyman. Lembo now leads Connecticut's Office of the Healthcare Advocate. Connecticut's next Comptroller will be entrusted with overseeing the crucial Sustinet healthcare reform program; and Lembo is a nationally recognized expert who the U.S. Congress invited to testify at House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearings on health insurance reform. Lembo has the perfect blend of expertise for the Comptroller's office.

Harvey F. Bellin


Dan is the man to defeat Himes

Dear fellow District 4 citizens:

Enough is enough. It is time to restore balance, fiscal responsibility and independent thinking in Congress. Doing so requires your vote on Aug. 10 (registered Republicans) and in November (everyone who has had enough).

Our current Congressman, Jim Himes, has been a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi's reckless spending and the rest of her agenda. The Democrat incumbent Himes' voting record aligns with Nancy's on nearly every vote. Opencongress.org also shows Hime's attendance record is equally deplorable, voting Yes (62 percent), No (4 percent), Abstaining (1 percent) and, Not Present: an unworthy 33 percent.

Discussions at Town Hall meetings confirm no independence in his thinking. Himes has failed to recognize, listen to, or consider alternative views from the 49 percent who voted for his leading opponent. Himes' behaviors are all too typical. He is not talking with us; he is talking at us. Some in Congress think they know best, no matter what their constituents say.

Himes won by just 2,491 votes out of 287,199 cast among the top two candidates (see ct.gov). He is not "representing" his constituents. The anger with Congress was confirmed in a Gallop-USA Today poll in April and a CNN poll in June. Both CNN and Gallop show just a 30 percent satisfaction rating with Congress. Most Americans are dissatisfied with Congress; District 4 citizens are as well.

Congressional candidate Dan Debicella is opposing Himes. Dan earned the Republican nomination with 77 percent of the delegates (of which I was one). I know Dan. Dan is the candidate I trust to get the job done. He holds a master's in business administration and has worked for McKinsey, Pepsi and The Hartford. He and his wife live in Shelton. He has served our area as a Connecticut state senator, and part of the minority opposing Connecticut's tax and overspend approach.

Most importantly, Dan is listening to his constituents, and rather than pushing force-fed, unread bills and patronizing political agendas, Dan is actually asking what is on our mind, talking with us, and will represent us. Enough is enough. The silent majority is now vocal and taking action.

Help restore balance to Congress and bring back true representation of constituents' views from the bottom-up.

To ensure your chances of restoring balance and creditability in Congress, you need to act now: you need to vote on Aug. 10.

Vicki Slack


Merkle is the right man for Congress

This letter is in support of Rob Merkle, who is running for Connecticut's 4th District Congressional seat:

Like most Americans, I had been apolitical, thinking, that everything was alright. After all, we had elected representatives to look out for America's best interests. I just assumed our politicians must know better than me.

The problems facing our nation have become more severe and the responses from Washington are erratic and confusing. Instead of taking actions to help create jobs by helping small business, our "leaders" are busy representing unions and undocumented aliens, taking over private sector businesses, increasing taxes and spending money without restraint.

Congressman Jim Himes recently formed a coalition concerned with our growing deficit, but has done nothing to deal with it. Yesterday (July 22), he voted to fund the unemployment extension by tacking it on to the deficit, instead of finding funding for it, maintaining his record of voting for every budget busting, regulatory program to come out of Washington.

On Aug.10, there will be primaries to determine the candidates to be on the ballot in November. We have the opportunity to have a highly principled, dedicated individual represent us. That person is Rob Merkle. He is running in the Republican Primary to unseat Jim Himes in November.

He is a successful small businessman who understands job creation and the effects that government financial and regulatory policies have on business. He is passionate about restoring and maintaining those traditions that have made America great.

On Aug. 10, I urge you to vote for the man who will do the most for Fairfield County -- Rob Merkle!

Michael Goldman


Debicella will look out for county

Jim Himes has a New Year's present ready for Fairfield County. As the ball is dropping in Times Square all of our taxes will be rising. That's right, all of ours. The president ran on a promise that no one who makes less than $250,000 a year would see their taxes go up; but on Jan. 1, 2011, the "Bush tax cuts" will expire. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that this means that only the wealthy are going to see their taxes go up. In fact, it is the lowest income tax bracket that will be hardest hit -- their taxes will increase 50 percent. This is not the time to be taking money out of the pockets of Americans.

What the people of Fairfield County need is jobs. Unemployment in Fairfield County is 7.7 percent. There are only two times in the last 20 years that unemployment has been higher, and both occurred within the last year. When Jim Himes voted for Obama's stimulus bill we were told that it would keep unemployment from going through the roof. Yet here we sit with unemployment at a near 20-year high in Fairfield County and a 20-year high in Connecticut. Enough is enough.

When November comes we need to vote for someone who will rebuild our economy, not sell us wishes and dreams. We need government to make it less costly for companies to hire workers; make banks secure in lending money; and most of all, leave our hard earned dollars in our pockets for us to spend how we choose. Jim Himes has had his chance to look out for us and has failed.

Dan Debicella recognizes these issues and will look out for Fairfield County. Dan Debicella will vote to repeal the remaining 80 percent of stimulus money to fund a 50 percent reduction in payroll taxes. This will give companies the financial breathing room they need to hire more workers. It will also save every family in America $1,500 in taxes next year. These are the answers to the problems that we face.

Dan Debicella will propose measures that will create jobs and allow us to keep more of our money. That is why on Aug. 10 and again on Nov. 2 I will be voting for Dan Debicella.

David Wood


Debicella can restore fiscal sanity

Voters in Fairfield County will have the choice of polar opposites in the upcoming November Congressional election. One alternative is to continue with the failed policies of the stimulus, the government takeover of healthcare, the profligate spending in Washington, the huge deficit, and the tax increases that are sure to come. The other alternative is smaller government, reduced spending and financial sanity that will come with the election of State Senator Dan Debicella as our Congressman in November.

Dan Debicella is the Republican Party-endorsed candidate with 77 percent of the delegate vote at the state convention. His two major opponents, State Senator Robert Russo and Easton First Selectman Tom Herrmann both dropped out of the race and are supporting Dan Debicella. Neither of Dan Debicella's opponents in the Republican primary, Rob Merkle and Rick Torres, obtained sufficient delegate votes to participate in a primary, but obtained the necessary signatures to force a primary. Neither has ever held elected public office. Dan Debicella is a second-term state senator who has been fighting hard against the supermajority in Hartford to bring fiscal conservatism to our state.

I urge you to vote for Dan Debicella on Tuesday, Aug. 10. He has demonstrated through his business experience, his legislative experience in the state senate and his positions on the issues that he is the only Republican candidate who will truly represent his Fairfield County constituents and who can defeat Jim Himes in November to restore fiscal sanity to our country.

Charles Wessendorf