`DeSanctis offers a real choice'

I was impressed to see my good friend, Chris DeSanctis, pointed out in last Sunday's Connecticut Post editorial section. Writer and Commentator D. Dowd Muska mentioned DeSanctis as one of three Republican state legislative candidates in Connecticut who actually stand for something different than the Democratic party.

Dowd stated: "Many of the usual Republican retreads are back to contest slots for the legislature. But newcomers who are unafraid to reject Big Government nostrums are everywhere."

This just confirms what I already knew: DeSanctis offers a real choice, which voters in Connecticut have not had in a long time.

Most of his life has been spent outside of government in the education and nonprofit fields. That's the type of person we need in the legislature more than ever. Please join me in supporting DeSanctis at the May 18 Republican caucus.

Maren Gulick


Kupchick for the good of Fairfield

I have known Brenda Kupchick for more than 10 years. We met when the two high school debate was getting fired up. Our separate advocacy dovetailed into a real grass roots effort when a PAC was formed called two high schools for Fairfield. This effort galvanized the whole community. Over a five- to six-year period, the two former high schools were renovated; McKinley students were given a brand new school and Tomlinson was overhauled and preserved. For a handful of us, we will never forget this period of time. It was our "brief shining moment" in Camelot.

Kupchick has worked endlessly for the good of the people of Fairfield. She is awe-inspiring. We joined forces again when we both worked for Congressman Christopher Shays. I believe Shays considered Kupchick his most valued constituent representative.

I give my whole-hearted endorsement to Kupchick in the race for state representative.

Dorothy Domeika,

Former RTM Representative,

Former Appointed Member of the High School Building Committee,


Why I support


I'm writing to share why I am fully supporting Chris DeSanctis for the Republican nomination for state representative on May 18, at the Republican caucus (www.chrisdesanctis.com).

DeSanctis has everything that I want in a state representative: experience in the private and government sector, a strong background in education and a sincere and compassionate heart for the people of Fairfield. Even more importantly, DeSanctis actually has a message and a core set of values. He really understands the dire fiscal mess our state is in and wants to do something about it. I am impressed with DeSanctis' knowledge of the issues, his energy and commitment to change the way things are currently being done in Hartford.

I am voting for DeSanctis because I trust him and I believe he is the right person to get the job done. I urge all Republicans in legislative district 132 to vote for DeSanctis on May 18.

Marie Stalling