Brandt a breath

of fresh air

I am pleased to be supporting my friend DeeDee Brandt to be the Connecticut state legislator representing the 133rd District. Her common sense, leadership skills and dedication to Fairfield will benefit all the residents of our community.

While instrumental in protecting one of the last working farms in town, DeeDee also co-founded the Annual Pumpkin Festival at Greenfield Farms to ensure all the children of town were able to share in this treasure. In addition, she has served as chairman of the Sasco Brook task force, a joint effort between the State Department of Environmental Protection and the Town of Fairfield to meet clean water standards.

What many may not know is that for many years DeeDee has been dedicated to helping children. Not only has she served in many volunteer capacities in the Fairfield Public Schools, she and her husband are currently volunteers in the Bridgeport Public Schools as well, and they have been foster parents to many at-risk children over the years.

DeeDee has also served on the Fairfield RTM and the Fairfield's Board of Finance. Always known for asking the tough questions, she expected our town leaders to meet high standards of transparency, thoroughness and sound financial planning. These are traits I am sure she will take with her to Hartford. She will be a breath of fresh air in the Connecticut legislature with her character, honesty and love of Fairfield.

John W. Jones


Fawcett walks

the walk

I am writing in support of Kim Fawcett for another term as my state representative. Kim works like no one I've met, all day every day to help her constituents and the people of Connecticut in general.

In addition to her strong advocacy for the children in town and our great firefighters, Rep. Fawcett has proven to be effective at getting Fairfield money back from Hartford. I represent District 5 on the RTM and am very pleased to see the Brooklawn Avenue improvements in place and new storm drains and curbing to control flooding in the Brooklawn neighborhood and elsewhere. While I was campaigning last year in the Lynbrook Road and Moody Avenue neighborhood, a number of people expressed relief that someone, Kim, was finally paying attention to their flooding plight. Every storm, those whose homes line the river live in fear of another great flood swamping them. The problem is not resolved, but some drainage upriver has been improved, and Kim continues to fight for river improvements downstream.

In my brief history in Fairfield I do not recall a representative paying attention to the needs of constituents the way Kim does. Kim is persistent while also being effective. Some politicians show up for photo ops and tell us what they think we want to hear, but rarely walk the walk and talk the talk like Kim. This year and next will be difficult budget years and we need someone with Kim's experience to advocate, who has learned the system and has made connections in Hartford. Now is not the time to elect someone who wants the job, now is the time to re-elect someone who has proven she deserves the job.

Chris McAleese


Brandt has earned respect, support

It has been my honor and pleasure to know and work with DeeDee Brandt over many years, on many issues. We have shared both a friendship and a working relationship.

As a former chairman and member of the Fairfield Board of Education, I had a front row seat to many financial, as well as educational issues in Fairfield. Regardless of the issue one thing was always clear -- DeeDee Brandt would apply common sense and thorough preparation in her approach and discussion of any subject before her. She was transparent in her decision-making process and always open to opposing points of view. Because of this I came to greatly respect her and her abilities.

I'm confident DeeDee will make a great Connecticut state legislator and apply her trademark common sense, research, preparation and financial acumen to help resolve Connecticut's financial situation.

Philip Halligan


Tom Drew for


I enthusiastically support Tom Drew for re-election as the state representative for the 132nd Assembly District in Fairfield and Southport.

Tom has served this district with distinction and success and has achieved an outstanding record of service to his constituents and to the town. He is a proficient, pragmatic and principled legislator -- one who can build consensus among competing positions, reach across the political divide and eschew party politics that are not in the interests of his district.

Tom's legislative experience is invaluable to all Fairfield and Southport residents, and his membership on the Transportation Committee should be underscored. As a substantial number of town residents rely on daily rail commutation, and as the construction of the town's third railroad station facility is progressing, Tom will be in a position to provide input and oversight of this important commuter service through his work on the Transportation Committee.

I urge all the voters in the 132nd District to vote for Tom Drew on Nov. 2 and allow Tom to continue working on your behalf.

K. M. Moran


Brandt puts people's interests first

I am writing in support of DeeDee Brandt's candidacy for state representative in the 133rd District because I believe we need an independent leader in Hartford who will fight hard for us, the people.

We must hold government accountable with integrity and responsibility. While I know from experience that creating change takes time, it begins with allowing debate and discourse to take place. Unfortunately, this is not taking place in our state capital today. Nothing new in Hartford is happening except for more spending and zero accountability.

DeeDee Brandt is the type of independent leader we need in Hartford -- she is governed by principle and will challenge the conventional wisdom in Hartford. She has the qualifications of being an elected citizen volunteer in Fairfield and also has a strong background in the private sector. DeeDee, who served both on the Representative Town Meeting and Board of Finance, understands how budgets are built and will restore fiscal responsibility in Hartford.

Our government has become out of touch and out of control. Throughout her involvement in town government, DeeDee Brandt has championed transparency, fiscal accountability and has worked endlessly on behalf of her fellow citizens.

DeeDee Brandt will fight the politics of the past and will put the interests of the people ahead of the special interests. Our community needs DeeDee representing us in Hartford at this critical moment in history.

David M. Becker


Fawcett has brought home results

It would be hard to imagine a stronger voice for Fairfield than energetic, hardworking state representative Kim Fawcett.

Just look at the new state-funded streetscaping improvements along Route 59 and Rooster River flood mediation work -- both projects that she championed in Hartford. Fawcett also co-sponsored the 2010 Jobs Act, which provides loans and tax credits to small business that create jobs, and she successfully fended off cuts to state contributions toward Fairfield's education costs -- without which we would certainly have seen a significant spike in the mill rate.

She was instrumental in the state's incredibly overdue replacement of the Metro-North rail cars, the first of which are expected to hit the rails in December, and its pioneering public financing system for political campaigns -- a terrific step toward eliminating the influence of special interests in politics, which the whole country should follow.

Kim Fawcett fought hard to restructure the state government in order to slash spending and borrowing. And anyone who has met Kim -- as so many of us have, thanks to her involvement in our schools, neighborhood associations and other community organizations -- can tell what a smart, effective, independent-minded advocate she is for all of us. Let's get her re-elected with a huge, bipartisan plurality on Nov. 2.

Josh Garskof


Kupchick will provide residents relief

I am tired of the news coming from our State capitol.

I am tired of increased unemployment. I am tired of constantly increasing taxes. I am tired of regulation and government intrusion. I am tired of our hard earned money being taken away by government. I am tired of hearing politicians, like Tom Drew, tell us the wonderful things our state legislature has done while we sit around our kitchen tables trying to make ends meet.

Join me in supporting someone who is not just tired of it too, but who will actually do something about it. Vote for Brenda Kupchick on Nov. 2 so we can get some relief.

Matt Rubino


Drew's record warrants re-election

In my 10 years as a Democrat in Fairfield, I cannot name a politician here who commands more of my respect than Tom Drew.

I find him to be a sincere, concerned person, well educated for a role of responsibility, who stands by his principles in his role as our state representative. In dealing with the issues of our great recession, he takes a responsible long-term stance, at times, in opposition to his party.

Further, he has taken the lead on organ donor legislation, brought our state tax money back to Fairfield, and is a staunch advocate for environmental responsibility. And, refreshingly in these times of poor cooperation among the political parties, Tom has been part of a group of moderate legislators seeking to find common ground on both sides of the aisle.

He has a proven record of service to Fairfield and to Connecticut. It is in our best interest to send him back to Hartford as the representative from District 132.

Mark Corcoran


Hwang works for Fairfield families

While most candidates for office are discussing the need for government to reduce spending at the federal and state level -- as they should be -- it is invigorating to hear a candidate, like state Rep. Tony Hwang, who understands another critical dynamic to improving societal structures: strong families.

Supportive, empowering and loving families are important to healthy neighborhoods, cities and states. Parents and caregivers who strive to raise children who understand the value of character, hard work and service to others are indispensible to our future and, I would add, more specifically to our economy.

Representative Hwang is also keenly aware of the education achievement gap in Connecticut, which has a pronounced impact on our state economy. This is why Tony has been a strong voice for reform as a member of the Education Committee in Hartford. His understanding and appreciation for these issues that are important to children and critical components to our state's economic success are why he's earned our support for re-election.

Chris and Deneen DeSanctis


Drew's record speaks for itself

State Rep. Tom Drew has been a strong voice in Hartford for the past six years. His record speaks for itself:

"¢ Tom led the fight against overhead power lines over Ash Creek, Mill River and Sasco Creek bridges.

"¢ He achieved reversal of a Connecticut insurance ruling that required hurricane shutters.

"¢ He testified before the U.S. Coast Guard and the EPA, successfully stopping the liquified natural gas barge in Long Island Sound.

"¢ He obtained first-stage approval for Rooster River flooding relief, and grants for Penfield Pavilion and downtown renovations.

Just recently Tom received the AT&T Regional Legislator Impact Award for outstanding service on the "One Coast One Future" initiative for economic development in Southwestern Connecticut.

Although the 132nd District is located along the bottom third of Fairfield along the shoreline, Tom is looking out for all of our best interests here at home. It is good to know that Tom knows his way around in Hartford and knows how to get things done.

Tom Drew deserves our support for re-election. Thanks, Tom, for all the hard work.

Judy Ewing


Jepsen's experience, dedication is needed

George Jepsen, the Democratic candidate for Attorney General, has spent his entire career standing up for the citizens of Connecticut.

From his early work representing the carpenters' union to his more recent private practice helping individuals and small businesses, he has always put people first. He is an experienced legislator, and has worked to defend our natural resources, personal privacy and individual freedoms.

George has taken risks in his career. He was one of the first in Hartford to call then-popular Gov. John Rowland on ethical lapses, and he helped expose the CRRA/Enron scandal, which remains the largest ever loss of taxpayer dollars.

George will advocate for laws and policies that will make Connecticut attractive to new business: reduction of energy costs, implementation of health care reform that benefits both employees and employers, and laws that protect the equality of opportunity for all.

George is so committed to the office of Attorney General that he has pledged not to run for U.S. Senate in 2012 or for governor in 2014.

George Jepsen has the experience and dedication we need. Please join me in voting for George Jepsen for Attorney General on Nov. 2.

Mike Tetreau