Supporting Steinberg

for state representative

I believe Jonathan Steinberg is the best choice for state representative in these challenging times. A lifelong resident of Westport and a leader in addressing the complex issues we face today, Jonathan has his finger on the pulse of our community. His experience in Westport's town government as a member of the RTM and his involvement in town initiatives that are critical to Westport's future, demonstrate commitment to the people he represents and to the values that we as a town hold dear.

I have had the honor to work with Jonathan for several terms on the RTM, where he has played a vital role as a member of the education, long range planning, health and human services, library/museum and arts and information technology committees. His active participation at crucial board and commission meetings reflects how seriously he takes his responsibility to become an informed decision maker on the town legislature. Most recently his leadership on the Downtown Planning Committee has brought vision and clarity to planning Westport's directions for the 21st century. In working with Jonathan on the education and health and human services committees, I have seen his concern for how legislative decisions impact the children and adults and the town as a whole.

Jonathan values public service and knows how to address multifaceted community problems. An authentic, articulate speaker and writer, he brings a high level of energy, enthusiasm and intellect to any task he tackles. Among his most outstanding strengths is his ability to ask the "hard questions" that cut to the core of any issue and provide a clear focus for solving problems. His sense of fairness enables him to listen to divergent points of view and apply critical and creative thinking to decide what is in the best interest of the town. His broad and in-depth understanding of the current economic, educational, environmental, energy and health issues will surely enrich discourse and enhance legislative outcomes at the state level.

The strengths that have served Westport so well are exactly what we need to move the state forward in positive directions. I support Jonathan Steinberg because I can't imagine a more dedicated or more highly qualified person for Westport's state representative.

Velma Heller


Cohen will bring balance to government in Hartford

The Connecticut General Assembly's House of Representatives is severely out-of-balance, with 75 percent of the incumbents Democrat. While yes, they were voted in, there is also the responsibility to monitor their performance.

The state's finances are in serious trouble. Connecticut closed its fiscal year 2010 operating budget in the red by nearly $1 billion, just like it did in 2009. (CT Comptroller's Office). Even worse, the 2011-12 budget is looking at an operating shortfall of $3.4 billion (see The majority House has been expanding government and taxes and spending beyond even that. The state is in serious trouble.

Suddenly, candidates on both sides are proclaiming their support of fiscal responsibility. The Democrats were not speaking on this issue when they were creating these problems.

Don't be misled. The Democratic majority in the House is how we got here. The state's government debt per resident is the highest in the nation (, Office of Legislative Research, Connecticut General Assembly). Our taxes are one of the third highest in the nation ( The independent foundation also ranks Connecticut's climate for business 38th due to high taxes on those who create jobs. Once again, brought to us by the Democrats and the sweeping imbalance in the state House of Representatives.

I am supporting Nitzy Cohen, who is a true fiscal conservative and running for state representative in Westport.

Nitzy has been outspoken on the issues for years. She's a mother, business person with a background in economics and, most importantly, not a member of career politicians who have gotten us into this mess. She asks for and listens to people's input and will represent us well. While she is running as a Republican, she is fiercely independent and not a part of the usual political machine.

We need her in the House. Please vote on Nov. 2. I recommend you vote for Nitzy.

Vicki Slack


McMahon's $1 million lobbying for smut, violence and drugs

Linda McMahon lied when she told tea-baggers her WWE empire never paid Congressional lobbyists (

Congressional Quarterly Roll Call documented $1 million she paid lobbyists to kill Senator Lieberman's legislation to regulate marketing sex and violence to minors, the lifeblood of her WWE "entertainment," and to thwart Congressional investigations into her wrestlers' pervasive steroid use (

Not the moral qualifications for the US Senate!

With his outstanding record for Connecticut citizens, elect Richard Blumenthal.

April Howlett


Healthcare and the November election

While no reasonable person will argue that the health delivery system has some serious flaws, those same people would probably call the legislation offered as a solution, a disgrace. The Nov. 2 election gives us an opportunity to voice our displeasure with the new health care bill. Just consider the following:

1. The stated, overwhelming need for reform was the inability of the country to afford the cost of the present system. Yet no attempt was made to identify the cause(s) of the high cost of medical care, along with specific reform(s) aimed at correcting those issues. The cost of technology, tort reform, malpractice related costs and their effects never hit the radar screen. In fact, Nancy Pelosi stated, "We will have to pass the bill in order to see what's in it."

2. It has been estimated that at present there is a shortage of about 30,000 physicians in this country. So how can the present physician workforce provide care to an additional 30,000,000 people?

3. Are you aware that, to date, 30 companies have been given a one-year exemption from the requirements of the health care bill?

4. According to polling estimates, between 60 and 70 percent of Americans did not want this bill.

Since the law passed was a political power play, using a myriad of political maneuvers, the goal was simply to get a bill passed and signed. The bill does not deal with the cost elements involved in the delivery of health care. The bill became law just so the Congress could say it did something -- even if it is wrong and has a significant number of unintended consequences.

Our current Congressional representative, Jim Himes, did not represent us. Himes voted for the health care bill. According to The Washington Post, Himes voted along party lines with Nancy Pelosi etal over 94 percent of the time. America simply can no longer afford Jim Himes and like-minded members of Congress.

On Nov. 2, we should vote for those candidates who want to revisit the entire health care debate and create a system that truly addresses the cause(s) of our dilemma. Our failure to do this may well result in rationing of care, the bankrupting of America and the destruction of the world's finest health care system. Finally, remember that most polls indicated that the overwhelming majority of Americans are happy with their current health care coverage.

Jeff Schwartz


Service is in

Steinberg's blood

I wonder if Westport is aware that state representative candidate Jonathan Steinberg is the son of a remarkable duo.

Dr. Steinberg treated and cared for hundreds of Westport families in a highly respected practice. He retired in 1998, and for some years afterward was a volunteer physician at the AmeriCares clinic in Norwalk. Jonathan's mother is Sybil Steinberg, a well-known editor and book critic. She takes the time every year to help Westport readers learn about the latest in the world of publishing. Her annual visit to the library to present Sybil's List is a "must-attend" occasion. She brings authors to the library so that we can meet them and hear how they came to write their books. She also serves on the advisory board of the library and has been a long-time friend and advocate for that important town institution.

Jonathan is following in his parents' footsteps. He has committed his time and energy to the town. Whether as a member and deputy moderator of the RTM or as a leader in the Green Village Initiative (he has just received an endorsement from the Sierra Club), he has always had Westport's well-being as his priority.

I hope you will join me in supporting this remarkable young man. He is no "Johnny-come-lately." He, like his parents, has been caring about Westport for years and will continue to do so with vigor and intelligence. We need him in Hartford.

Martha Durham


Honest debate needed

in U.S. Senate race

Linda McMahon is using political trash talk. She accuses Dick Blumenthal of supporting many tax increases. He supports decreasing one tax and increasing another, but she attacks him for the increasing one, and ignores the decreasing one, even if the net result would be no increase in tax revenues.

We need an honest debate on the issues. We don't need the political version of the obscene things that go on in her wrestling ring.

Bur Goode


Cohen's representation will bring responsibility

Connecticut is a wonderful state. However, we need a significant redirection in Hartford to restore jobs and provide fiscal viability for our children.

Connecticut has the highest per capita state debt in America. This is an unsustainable burden, and we need a restoration of personal and collective responsibility in the governing of our state.

Electing Nitzy Cohen to represent us in Hartford will be one step to help us climb back to responsibility. Nitzy is a knowledgeable and intelligent businesswoman. She listens well and asks "Why?" -- or more tellingly -- "Why not?" She is energetic and proactive, and pursues resolutions to problems.

We need balance in Hartford and new ideas: we need Nitzy Cohen to represent us.

Rick and Mary Towers


Vote for Tom Foley

and you won't regret it

Have a good hard look at who the Republican candidate for governor this year really is -- Tom Foley.

Whatever your political persuasion, try and be patient enough to read these lines, and understand why you should consider your choice carefully, hopefully for this unusually outstanding candidate.

Tom Foley had distinguished service as a U.S. foreign ambassador, and brings noted diplomatic, negotiating skills to the table, quite apart from his strong business experience and financial expertise; these challenges he faced with courage and conviction, demonstrating high values in difficult times. Tom Foley has exceptional personal skills, he is easy to talk to, an excellent listener, and someone who believes in good preparation to getting a job done. This is a man who doesn't indulge in `token' look-good type programs, or pay `lip-service' to convenient ideals. He isn't afraid of meeting duplicity, false accusation head on, and has an unnerving dignity in handling the unjust accusations leveled at him by an unscrupulously devious opponent. No credit can be overstated in his handling of the unwarranted distortions of his record and mud-slinging that characterize his opponent's desperate attempts to win at all costs.

Tom Foley's opponent is from the old `tax and spend' school -- only this merchant has it all the wrong way around, he wants to tax you first and last, spending it all up front, so he can look like a hero. That is what he did in Stamford, and that is his base for false claims of success. He is a politician of the old school, and surely recent history in Connecticut tells us all, as state taxes and debt have gone through the roof, we don't need another old school tie in the state house.

Tom Foley is first class and the only choice, and with the support of Mark Boughton as lieutenant governor, you have more extraordinary quality of character and experience to lead a top-flight fresh-approach team. So a vote for Tom Foley and for Mark Boughton are votes you won't regret!

Gavin Anderson

Selectman, Westport

Brandt, Cohen, Boucher: change to believe in

With Democrats running the House of Representatives for 24 years and the State Senate for 22 of 24 years, they have wreaked havoc with common sense governing. Hartford is out of control when it comes to spending, to budgeting and to setting priorities. The current deficit is $3.3 billion. It is time for a change in Hartford.

That alone is reason enough to elect Nitzy Cohen as state representative, 136th District; DeeDee Brandt, 133rd District; and Toni Boucher to the State Senate 26th District.

They understand what we need in Westport: making state government accountable (something Democrats have refused to do repeatedly). They will be effective representing Westport in Hartford and will act with sensibility and restraint.

Nitzy, DeeDee and Toni are well qualified for the legislature. They have juggled the responsibilities of motherhood, jobs, budgeting and running a household. They have proven they get things done. They know how to work with others and seek solutions to our $3.3 billion deficit, by thinking outside the box. They understand their responsibility.

Currently, there are 114 Democrats and 37 Republicans in the House, and 24 Democrats and 12 Republicans in the Senate. When either party has overwhelming power, it makes democratic government dysfunctional. The last thing we need to do is to send another Democrat to the General Assembly. The Democrats can not be allowed to continue to run rough shod with our state budget and ignore the $3.3 billion hole in the budget.

Send Cohen, Brandt and Boucher to Hartford. They are committed to bringing an end to business as usual and will bring about change in which we can believe.

Judith G. Freedman

Former state senator, 26th District


Steinberg has

state rep qualities

I have been fortunate enough to know Jonathan Steinberg and his extended family for more than 45 years. Like me, Jonathan grew up in Westport and is now raising his own family here. As a result, there are not too many people who know Westport and its citizens as well as Jonathan does. More importantly, there are not many who have done as much for it and are as actively in involved in it as he is.

From his membership on the RTM to his leadership position on the downtown planning committee, Jonathan is one of those rare people who not only care about Westport and it's future, but are actually taking the lead in doing something constructive about it.

I have had the chance to work with Jonathan and see first hand his efforts as the chair of the RTM's Museum, Arts and Library Committee. He is smart, engaged and proactive -- all of the qualities you would want in your representative in Hartford. His leadership skills and ability to reach across the aisle are demonstrated by the fact that he was elected by his peers on the RTM -- a non-partisan body -- to be its deputy moderator.

What Hartford needs right now is less bickering and political posturing and more of a genuine effort to do what is best for our state and its people. Jonathan has a demonstrated track record of rolling up his sleeves and doing the hard work that needs to be done. He is uniquely qualified to represent us. Please join me in supporting him on Nov. 2.

Andrew B. Nevas


Cohen will fight

against status quo

Nitzy Cohen may be considered a newcomer to Westport (and state) politics, but her refreshing perspective and willingness to listen to and evaluate issues fairly make her the independent-minded candidate we deserve as state representative from the 136th District. Nitzy's dedicated her campaign to taking on this state's Democratic supermajority in order to revitalize Connecticut as an attractive choice for businesses to locate.

Voters need to wake up to the fact that Connecticut is in a deficit condition and appreciate how we arrived at the unenviable position as the state with the highest per-capita taxes in the nation. Why continue down the same path with the tax and spend individuals in the Hartford legislature who are a bit too cozy in the torpor of their supermajority suits?

I'd rather stake my future with Nitzy Cohen, who will fight against the status quo and bring some respect back to our state.

Pat Norton


Cohen has solutions to states's woes

It is time for a change in the Westport 136th District representation in Hartford and Nitzy Cohen is the one who will professionally manage the state's affairs and will do in full recognition of what this entails.

The true engine of Connecticut's economy is the private sector, not massive government expenditures, high taxes and massive regulations which inhibit the expansion of business.

We are spending beyond our means and it is time to put our financial house in order and make the State of Connecticut solvent once again. Nitzy Cohen is the one who will be our voice in Hartford to do this.

Her long term objective is to reduce the Connecticut state budget by $2 billion. Some of Nitzy's objectives to reduce spending at the state and local level and make Connecticut a more desirable state for private companies and individuals are as follows:

Elimination of the automobile property tax -- (A tax is paid when an automobile is purchased, yet the state collects a yearly additional vehicle tax as long as the vehicle is owned.) Outsourcing a significant amount of social services to not-for profit community providers who can provide the same level of services for less than current costs.

Combine various community and state colleges, centralizing functions such as purchasing, admissions and human resources.

These are the few of the many programs Nitzy Cohen advocates to reduce state expenses, out of control taxes which, when implemented, will create jobs and attract business firms to Connecticut.

I hope you will join me and cast your vote for Nitzy for state representative on Nov. 2.

Hugh F. Bradley