Hwang important

to Fairfield

We would like to voice our support for re-electing Tony Hwang as state representative from the 134th District.

We have known Tony for more than five years and we think it's important to look at two important sides to his character -- one as a public official and the other as a family man. In regard to his role as our state representative, he has done a phenomenal job. Tony has immersed himself in all the major issues confronting the state and our town, with particular focus on the budget, education and transportation -- among the most important issues to Fairfield.

In regard to the budget, Tony continues to fight for fiscal responsibility and for cutting government spending, having voted in the General Assembly against tax increases, further spending, and increased borrowing in the proposed state budgets. Tony knows that our government must make sacrifices, just as all Connecitcut families are doing.

As far as education goes, Tony is fully committed to supporting strong education at all levels, and is particularly concerned with making sure that all children have access to quality education. His efforts have not gone unrecognized, as he received the Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now (ConnCAN) award for legislative leaders who have demonstrated a dedication to promoting strong public schools.

In regard to transportation, Tony serves on the Transportation Committee, which is crucial, as Fairfield needs a strong voice on this issue, especially with the two major highways that sandwich our town, in addition to the fact that Fairfield has the second largest number of commuters (to New York City) on the Metr-North Railroad and is working toward the completion of the Metro Center train station.

Having lived in Fairfield for nearly two decades, Tony is an extremely strong advocate for our town and is intimately involved in giving back to the community. Tony understands the dynamics of life in Fairfield. He is fully engaged with the public because he has tremendous respect for our town and the people who live here. Tony is a tireless worker, who regularly attends town meetings and can be seen virtually every day somewhere in town talking to people and making himself available to address their needs. His active involvement gives him a genuine feel for the pulse of the town.

But most importantly, Tony knows how to balance his public service with his family responsibilities. We know his family well and can sincerely say he is a dedicated family man, putting them in front of everything. He has a wonderful relationship with his wife Grace and is a great dad to his son Peter and daughter Christina, and is always there for them -- whether it's watching their sporting events or helping them with their homework. This speaks volumes about his character. Tony is a truly decent person with a huge heart, but most importantly, he is not afraid to speak his mind and has always said he wants to do what's right for our town, not for politics. We believe that is the type of person we want representing us and Fairfield in Hartford.

Jeff Steele, RTM District 2

Brenda Steele

Pamela Jones

for probate judge

Judge of Probate is an extremely important position in our Connecticut legal system. Overseeing decedents' estates and trusts, as well as other sensitive issues affecting children, the elderly, persons with mental retardationand psychiatric disabilities, it is important that we have elected officials who will live up to the responsibility in which the public has entrusted them.

But unfortunately our Connecticut's Probate Courts are on the verge of insolvency having been mismanaged and poorly run. Taking in a $5 million infusion in 2009 and another $11 million in 2010, just to keep the probate courts open for business, it's time to make some real change.

Pamela Jones is the change we need. Pamela Jones is a dedicated individual who cares about people and the law. With the passion and energy to stand up and make real change, Pamela Jones has pledged to make our probate courts more affordable, efficient and service-oriented, as well as ending antiquated rules that have crippled our probate governance and Connecticut's reputation. On Nov. 2 please join me and elect Pamela Jones to Judge of Probate.

Perry Liu


Impressed with Fawcett's professionalism

I am writing in support of Kim Fawcett for state representative. Kim's district includes Fairfield and the Greens Farms neighborhood in Westport.

I have lived in Greens Farms for 30 years, but had never contacted our state rep. until last year, when there were two issues dear to my heart. On both occasions, Kim's response was over the top. She listened carefully, thought creatively and followed through completely. I am grateful for her attention to my concerns and impressed with her professionalism.

I urge my fellow Greens Farms neighbors to re-elect Kim as our state representative so she can continue to do the job she does so well.

Pamela Weil

Greens Farms

Fortunate to have

Hwang for 134

The people of Connecticut's 134th Legislative District have been represented by Tony Hwang for the past two years. During this time he has consistently demonstrated that he is an outstanding representative in State government. Tony is a member of the Legislature's Appropriations Committee, Transportation Committee and Education Committee. In each of these areas he has worked tirelessly for the people of our community and state.

Tony has advocated for reducing government spending by making the kinds of cuts needed in the state's bureaucracy. He has fought against tax hikes which adversely impact taxpayers, employers and economic growth in our state. In the area of education he was recently presented with the Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now's 2010 Education Leadership award. This was in recognition of his commitment and dedication to improving public schools for all children in Connecticut. In the areaa of transportation, Tony has fought for train rider safety and stays in close contact with commuters to bring their concerns directly to the legislative committee on which he serves.

What is most impressive about Tony Hwang is his incredible commitment to the people he was elected to represent. If you look around at events in town, you will notice that Tony seems to be everywhere. Whether it is attending meetings of town boards and commissions to understand our local issues, conducting endless meetings with constituents and communicating with them via Facebook and Twitter, organizing concerts for earthquake victims, raising awareness of and assisting wounded soldiers, participating in the Connecticut Challenge bike ride to benefit cancer survivors, taking stands against hate and bigotry or attending what seems like every municipal event in Trumbull and Fairfield, Tony Hwang is there. He is everywhere.

In writing this letter we want you to understand how fortunate our community is to have Tony Hwang as a state representative and how important it is that he continues to work for us in Hartford. Tony Hwang understands that he is elected to represent all of the people of the 134th District and not just the members of his own party. He deserves the support of Democrats, Republicans and Independents, and we urge all of you to vote for him on Election Day.

Seth and Kathy Baratz


Kupchick is a breath

of fresh air

As a small business owner and mother of three children, I'm very happy Brenda Kupchick is running for state representative. Our state's legislature is completely out of control and the Democrat majority is destroying us with uncontrolled spending, continuous tax increases and business regulations that make no sense. Brenda is a no-nonsense, straight-talking woman who is just as fed up as the rest of us with the way government is operating. For those of us who know Brenda, we know she will work hard to reshape how our state government works. Our state is in serious trouble and we simply can't settle for the status quo. Brenda is a breath of fresh air. Brenda Kupchick will be a strong voice for Fairfield and will help bring the change we need!

Sarah Ellis


Republican policies

got us in this hole

I read in a local newspaper a comentary that said that the real anger that is sweeping this country is really anger within the GOP and that tea partiers may bring the solutions that will save us all. Interesting ... however, there are several problems:

First, the Tea Party is not an independent party (yet). It is the extreme conservative right wing of the Republicanparty with its candidates running under the banner of the Republican party! How crazy is that?

Some of their candidates are indescriminate in what they're against, from elimination of the Department of Education to "having another look" at the 14th and 17th amendments -- you know the one that lets you vote for for senator instead of having your senator appointed by the state -- and the 14th defines who is a citizen of the United States. But, what we do not know is what they stand for besides the usual campaign platitudes and outright lies and distortions. How crazy is that?

Second, it seems that we are being seduced, by the ability of Republican spinmeisters to turn anger within their own party into the illusion that everybody is against President Obama's policies, e.g. when they say "the American people" is against healthcare reform, or the "American people" want tax cuts for everybody or, the "American people" is angry, etc. Well, I , as one of the "American people," am angry against Republican obstructionism to the solutions that we, the people, voted for when we elected President Obama, based on his campaign promisses of healthcare reform, financial reform, etc., and I am sad to see a lot of good people being dupped into thinking that Republican policies will get us out of the hole that Republican policies dragged us into. How crazy is that?

Maria Morbey


Proud to support Brandt

It is with a great sense of purpose and honor that I support DeeDee Brandt to be the next state legislator from the 133rd District.

As a small business owner, a father and tax-payer, I am pleased to see that she is running because DeeDee possesses the traits we need in a legislator -- she is a fearless leader who will put an end to runaway, wasteful spending and one who will work diligently for our district. Having known DeeDee for many years and having worked with her on several issues, I know firsthand the dedication she possesses and her vast intelligence, her ability to absorb information and to problem solve. DeeDee also does things for altruistic reasons and to better our community, not to advance herself or a political career.

I hope my neighbors and fellow citizens in the 133rd District will join me in support DeeDee Brandt.

Edward J. Bateson


Hwang, an informed education advocate

As a member of several PTA's in Fairfield and an advocate for improving education, particularly for those who might be most challenged, I have found Tony Hwang to be a responsive and well informed state legislator on education matters. Tony Hwang's legislative efforts on the Education Committee demonstrate strong understanding and support for improving education for failing schools and struggling students.

Tony has supported strong Connecticut legislation to ensure appropriate education credentials for educators of children with autism and to protect the rights of students with disabilities. I am impressed with his efforts to find pragmatic solutions to the budget problems faced in Hartford and to find legislative solutions to matters affecting the local community.

While I applaud his success in stalling power plant development in Trumbull, I am very grateful for legislation supporting social service agencies in the community, such as the St. Vincent Special Needs Center and the Kennedy Center. His community involvement extends to participation in numerous charitable causes such as Connecticut Challenge, hosting Alzheimer's Awareness Day in Hartford and various job skills programs. We would be well served to have Tony elected to another term for the 134th District.

Richard Joslin


Vote Jepsen

for attorney general

Like most parents, I find the policing of Internet and social media a parenting challenge. Our kids have access to so much information. The increased use of the Internet and text messaging by children to intimidate and harass their peers is of particular concern.

Like any parent, I shudder when I read the horrendous stories of children who have been so damaged by bullying that they lose all hope and take their own lives. None of us can imagine the extent of the devastation of such a terrible act.

One impulse would be to simply turn and tell ourselves it cannot happen here. But not George Jepsen, the Democratic candidate for Connecticut Attorney General. Mr. Jepsen has pledged to investigate ways that the Office of Attorney General can devote more resources to privacy protection and other legal issues created by new Internet technologies. He believes that Connecticut lawmakers should consider extending the state's anti-bullying law to include acts of bullying, harassment and intimidation using cell phones and the Internet.

We as parents need to know that our government is going to be responsive to the ever-changing world our kids inhabit. I will be voting for George Jepsen for attorney general because he gets it. He has always worked hard for the people of Connecticut We need his experience, compassion and tireless dedication in Hartford.

Kathleen Griffin


Himes has earned support

Congressman Jim Himes is a strong leader with an extensive business and professional management background. Jim worked in the private sector to distinguish himself and become an expert on fiscal and budget matters.

As our congressman, Jim used this private sector experience to help write legislation to reform our banks. He was at the table when Congress was crafting Wall Street reform to ensure that taxpayers would never again have to bail out companies that are "too big to fail" and to make sure that banks are honest and forthright with their customers.

As the most independent congressman in New England, Jim Himes has worked tirelessly to represent the best interest of his constituents, not the best interests of a political party. I believe Jim Himes deserves and has earned the support of our district, and we need to do our job now and vote.

Alice Z. Kelly


Fairfield fortunate

to have Fawcett

I feel fortunate to call Kim Fawcett my neighbor and friend and once again wholeheartedly support her campaign for re-election as state representative for the 133rd District.

While I know Kim to be a tireless and dedicated parent, it is impossible to not be amazed by the energy, enthusiasm and creativity she brings to her role as state representative. She has strived to improve the care of Lyme disease, improve elderly access to housing, expansion of coverage for many crucial but overlooked aspects of health care and minimize exposure of our children to pervasive and dangerous toxins.

We are certainly in difficult financial times, both as a state and a nation. It is exactly these circumstances that demand someone of Kim's caliber. She has worked for a bipartisan balanced budget while striving to protect essential education and healthcare dollars that might have otherwise found themselves under the guillotine in the hands of a legislator with a more provincial and less altruistic worldview.

This stands in contrast with her opponent. Dee Dee Brandt believes that her presence is warranted in Hartford to establish effective political dialogue. Is this a realistic expectation from someone who was so unable to cooperate with those "across the political aisle" on the town level that she insolently quit her position on the town finance board? Is this the kind of "dialogue" that will lend itself to improving and advancing the health and strength of our district, town and state? I do not believe so.

We are incredibly fortunate to have Kim Fawcett as our state representative and it is imperative that we have her continued leadership and vision in the upcoming legislative term.

Michael Cohenuram, MD


Tom Drew deserves


I have known Tom Drew since I moved to Fairfield in 1995. I have found him to be a person of integrity, dedicated to serving his neighbors and constituents. Tom never asks what political party you belong to or what you can do for him. Instead, he delights in solving real problems like when the insurance companies tried to force beach area residents to use hurricane shutters even if our homes had only glass windows. Tom Drew convinced the state insurance department to reverse the regulations. He also fought to prevent the liquefied gas barge in the Sound while many of our legislators couldn't be found. Tom has a strong record of environmental achievement and leadership as state representative for the 132nd Assembly District and deserves the support of all Fairfielders. I especially urge all of my fellow Republicans to give their support and their votes to Tom Drew, a progressive legislator who truly represents the interests of Fairfield voters.

Bruce-Sean Reshen


Murren cares

about small businesses

Please allow me to introduce you to Michael Murren, candidate for the 134th District. He is a Fairfield native, is a graduate of Fairfield University, and is a father of three. While Michael currently lives in Trumbull, he has stayed true to his hometown roots with his business, Murren Insurance Agency. Michael understands the challenges of running a small business in an uncertain economy, and as a state representative, he will be an advocate for small business owners. He will work hard to bring needed grants and increased state aid to Fairfield and Trumbull.

On a personal note, as a long time group home employee in the private sector, I applaud Michael in championing the rights of individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities. I was particularly pleased to learn that over the years, he has had employees with special needs work in his business.

If you want a true advocate who cares about the small business owner, and who cares about our community's most vulnerable citizens, please vote for Michael Murren on Nov. 2. I also encourage you to learn more about Michael by visiting his website, www.murrenstaterep134.com.

Jennifer Hochberg


Kupchick gets results

I'm so happy that Brenda Kupchick is running for state representative. Brenda was my RTM representative and she was an amazing dedicated advocate for our community. When McKinley School was making our children and teachers sick and no one would listen, Brenda was right there helping us so our voices would be heard.

She worked right along side us attending hundreds of meetings, always taking our calls for advice and help. Brenda genuinely cares and never gives up; she sees through the nonsense and gets results.

Brenda Kupchick is just what's needed to put an end to the foolishness going on up in Hartford. I completely trust Brenda and know she will fight hard to fix our weary state. Brenda has my vote!

Caroline Cassidy