Kupchick is best choice

There is an extraordinarily well-qualified and able person running for State Representative for the 132nd District this year, and her name is Brenda Kupchick. Brenda has been working for Fairfield, Fairfield County, and Connecticut for more than 10 years through her service in the Representative Town Meeting, the Board of Education, the staff of U.S. Representative Chris Shays, and most recently, the staff of State Sen. John McKinney. She has not only seen the process of governing at all levels first hand, but she has learned and dealt with the issues and problems of Fairfield and the State of Connecticut. Through being co-owner of a small business she has become very familiar with the burdens that small business people in Connecticut bear, and she understands that the success of small business is the key to overall economic success in this state. She will therefore be a great friend and ally of small business owners in the legislature.

On a personal level, I can attest that Kupchick is a hard worker, a great campaigner, and a clear and forceful public speaker. She is full of common sense, quickly perceiving what will work and what will not work in any situation. She is also a strong, decisive, and courageous woman who will fight for the interests of her constituents and who would not be afraid to challenge any legislation or any person who is not acting in the best interests of the people of Connecticut. She is clearly the best choice for the 132nd District.

Douglas Soutar

Fairfield TPZ Member

DeSanctis gets it

If you've been paying attention, you know that California, New York, Illinois and New Jersey have some really serious budget problems.

Guess what? Connecticut's budget deficit per capita at $1,336 is higher than New Jersey's ($1,011), higher than Illinois' ($1,022), higher than New York's ($1,070), and higher even than California's ($1,261).

So, the state should simply borrow more money? Guess again. In 2008, Connecticut's debt per capita at $6,830 was already much higher than California's ($3,153), New York's ($5,666), Illinois' ($4,252) and New Jersey's ($5,938), AND those numbers do not include unfunded liabilities for state pensions and health benefits, about which the Pew Center just released a report. Add in the Pew numbers and the combined per capita burden in Connecticut is a staggering $18,734, way higher than California ($6,452), New York ($8,013), Illinois ($12,824), and higher even than New Jersey ($17,804).

Our state government is simply too big and too expensive, which is one of the reasons why the cost of living in Connecticut is among the highest in the nation, which is why Connecticut is losing jobs and population, which is why we should all be worried -- very, very worried.

All this explains why I've decided to support Chris DeSanctis for the Republican nomination for state Representative in my district. He gets it! DeSanctis will work hard to limit government, balance the state budget, eliminate waste and unaffordable services, privatize non-core government functions, create incentives for job creation, and lower our tax rates. It comes down to common sense: state government cannot continue to grow faster than the ability of its citizens to pay for it. Borrowing money and increasing taxes to cover budget deficits is no longer an option. If you are a fellow Republican, please join me in voting for DeSanctis on Tuesday, May 18, in the Republican caucus.

Stanley (Bud) Morten