Steve Obsitnik: 5 steps, 300,000 jobs, 8 years

Steve Obsitnik, a Republican candidate for governor.
Steve Obsitnik, a Republican candidate for governor.Cathy Zuraw / Hearst Connecticut Media

I am running for governor because I have watched politicians in Hartford worry more about their jobs then ours. They continue to make sure that their political cronies’ nests are well-feathered, while the people of Connecticut continue see wages and jobs stagnate. Enough is enough. Connecticut needs a governor who is going to undo the damage done by the Malloy administration and create a bold vision for us all to come together.

Connecticut’s main problem is a lack of job growth. While the rest of the United States has recovered from the Great Recession, Connecticut has recovered only 78 percent of its lost jobs. As a result, 100 people each day move out of Connecticut. Our next governor’s main job is to inspire us and enact policies that allow us all to create private-sector jobs.

This is exactly what I have done over my business career creating good paying jobs. My bold vision for Connecticut is in my five-step plan to build 300,000 jobs over the next eight years — it’s specific, detailed and based on ideas that have been proven to work. The five steps are:

1. Make government smaller and more efficient: We must eliminate $3.5 billion in state spending - enough to close the deficit and provide for targeted tax cuts. We can save $2 billion from ideas in 16 budgets laid out by legislative Republicans including consolidating state departments. We can save another $1 billion by aligning state worker retirement benefits to other states while making these plans more fiscally secure for retirees. Finally, we can save $500 million in Medicaid by managing it like the other 49 states do already. To accomplish this, it will take discipline and focus like I learned in the U.S. Navy.

2. Targeted tax relief: We need to hug the customers of Connecticut, not send them to Florida. We will reduce the income tax levels on all income under $100,000, eliminate the estate tax and income tax on pensions and social security while phasing out business taxes. Reducing taxes is crucial to reversing the damage of the past eight years of Dan Malloy. This tax reform and spending reduction will restore fiscal stability to our budget.

3. Make Connecticut business-friendly: All regulations will undergo a complete cost-benefit analysis and have a mandatory five-year sunset. Create an expedited permitting process with an automatic approval in six months. Coordinate our universities and business community to build apprenticeship programs and create courses of study that prepare students for jobs that are need in Connecticut.

4. Revitalize education and infrastructure: We must be more concerned with student success by ensuring high standards for both students and teachers. Education decisions should be made at the local level. We must innovate more with models like charter and magnet schools. Parents must also be the one deciding where their child attends school. We must revitalize our transportation infrastructure. My plan not only locks the transportation fund for only transportation purposes but focuses on reducing the actual underlying cost of transportation investments while leveraging public-private partnerships to enhance our airports and seaports.

5. Create a jobs engine around career corridors: The I-95 and I-91 will become “Career Corridors” around industry clusters, trade schools and universities expanding our skilled workforce. We can replicate the success that cities such as Boston, Pittsburgh, and Silicon Valley have through public-private partnerships to build on our strengths — 24 Fortune 1000 companies, 42 colleges, universities, and trade schools — plus a skilled work force second to none. These career corridors will expand our economy by $35 billion and grow wages by 8 percent or $20 billion.

Full details of my plan are at

My five-step plan will create 300,000 new jobs, will reduce government spending by $3.5 billion annually, lower taxes, stabilize our pension and retirement plans, improve our schools, roads, bridges, and most importantly put more money in each and every person’s pocket.

This election is about Makers vs. Takers. I am a job maker. You have plenty of takers to choose from who take money from your pockets to put in their pockets, career politicians collecting taxes and finance people collecting fees. When we make jobs together, everyone adds to their pocket and we grow stronger as a state. You deserve a job maker who has a real plan to restore fiscal stability and create a jobs engine once again. I ask for your vote on Aug. 14 to create 300,000 jobs in our state. Our future relies on it.

Steve Obsitnik is a Republican candidate for governor. He is a husband, father of two, a U.S. Navy veteran and a high-tech job maker.