The Fairfield Ludlowe boys' lacrosse team set the game pattern of Saturday's 14-2 victory over Hamden early in the first quarter.

Hamden (0-2) won the initial faceoff, dashed into Falcons' territory, and ran into the Ludlowe defense. The Falcons swiftly took possession of the ball and moved it to the Green Dragon goal, where the Ludlowe offense set up and stayed patient, passing around the perimeter.

"We were trying to get the ball around quick and work it quick so we could get their eyes moving," said Falcons' forward John Kreitler. "Their feet kind of stand still once we get their heads turning, so we were trying to get them a little confused, motioning around, being patient, waiting for a nice look."

Kreitler got the game's first nice look midway through the second minute, when he circled from behind the Hamden net and fired in the first goal of the game, the first of four, all in the first half, for the senior attack man.

Ludlowe's lead grew to 2-0 three and a half minutes later when Connor Charles circled from the other side, scoring the first of his three goals. Nine Falcons would score, five in the first half, as Ludlowe grew its lead to 9-0 at the break.

"We've got more kids who can catch and throw, more kids who can possess the ball," said Ludlowe Head Coach Chris Parisi. "Our skills are as good as anything we've seen and we're happy with that. We're wide and deep and that's why we got our outcome today."

After Kreitler added two more goals, Charles one more, and George Voucas and Nate Ryan one apiece, the eighth Ludlowe score validated Parisi's words.

Senior face off specialist Corey Pasquarelli darted toward the Hamden goal. As the Dragon defense came out to meet him, he launched a crisp pass to Charles ahead on the right. Charles relayed to Sam Cannella at the left corner of the Hamden crease for a one-touch goal.

While the offense was racking up the goals, the sizable, strong Falcon defense continued to demoralize Hamden's attack.

"We were playing real aggressive," said senior defenseman Devin Brault. "We're an aggressive defense, we're pretty big, we all work real hard in the off season in the weight room and we have a lot of talk. We have really good chemistry together. Throughout all four years, we've been playing with each other, so it was a combination of talk and aggressiveness."

The Green Dragons found themselves wishing for more talk and less aggressiveness from the Falcons, as they were able to get off only five shots in the first half. What could have been their best scoring opportunity came four minutes into the second quarter. Dragon attacker Coleman Doll found himself with the ball five yards from the Ludlowe goal.

Before Doll had a split second of realization, Brault slammed into him, stick to stick, ending the opportunity and helping preserve goalkeeper Henry Boyd's first-half shutout.

After the break, Hamden managed two goals, but Chris Boardman, Jake Mason, Chris Stern, Nick Fernandes, and Charles scored one apiece to give the Falcons their second consecutive win with a double-figure scoring output.

"Our defensive game plan was to pressure them," said senior defender Kyle Finnegan. "We knew that if we'd pressure them, we'd cause a lot of turnovers and our offense played perfect, so that's why we had such a great score.

"It's exactly what we wanted," Finnegan concluded. "We started off the last two years 0-1, so it was a big step to go 2-0."

The Falcons hosted Trinity Catholic on Tuesday in their home opener, then travel to West Hartford Tomorrow to face unbeaten Hall.