STAMFORD — The police department Traffic Enforcement Unit got back to work by issuing 42 speeding tickets to motorists on Tuesday and Wednesday, Assistant Chief Thomas Wuennemann said.

“They were told to concentrate on speeding,” Wuenenmann said.

The fastest of the drivers was clocked at 80 mph on Long Ridge Road. A 16-year-old boy was pulled over doing 60 mph with three passengers in the car when he legally should not have had any, Wuenneman said, while a 17-year-old boy with a learner’s permit was clocked at 65 mph.

“We are looking for voluntary compliance with the speeding laws. We are all in this together,” Wuennemann said.

Twenty-nine of the tickets were infractions and 11 were misdemeanor summonses, which means the driver was clocked doing 60 mph or over.

Wuennemann said he was getting numerous complaints from areas around town, vowing that the Traffic Enforcement Unit would get to each one of them to observe traffic and write tickets if need be.

For the past couple of months during the pandemic lockdown, the Traffic Enforcement Unit was reassigned to different areas of patrol and were not patrolling or looking for speed and other violations.