Police: Fairfield man arrested for breaking into home garage

Photo of Peter Yankowski

Authorities arrested a Fairfield resident after he admitted to breaking into a home garage on Algonquin Road Saturday, and attempting to break into another home earlier that night, Fairfield police said.

Michael J. Targouski, of Knapps Highway in Fairfield was charged with third-degree burglary, after a man matching his description appeared on a home surveillance camera attempting to break into the garage at the Algonquin Road home at 4:38 a.m., police said Sunday.

The man managed to enter the garage after he removed a pane of plexiglass, police said.

Police later apprehended Targouski, 46, on Brooklawn Avenue nearby.

He fit the description and appearance of a suspect who a homeowner saw attempting to enter his garage at his home on Old Oaks Road around 12:15 a.m., said Captain Robert Kalamaras of the Fairfield police.

The would-be burglar was also caught on tape at that home, police said.

The surveillance video “showed a white male wearing a baseball hat and a hoodie with a graphic on the front,” Kalamaras said. Officers searched the area, but were unable to locate the man.

Police said Targouski admitted to breaking into the garage on Algonquin Road and attempting to break into the one off Old Oaks Road.

He was also charged with third-degree criminal attempt to commit burglary. He was held on $25,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in Bridgeport Superior Court on Oct. 23.