STAMFORD — A 7-year-old who was playing on the fishing pier at Cummings Beach nearly drowned this weekend after police said he climbed a 4-foot fence and jumped into deep waters where swimming is prohibited.

Within minutes of onlookers calling 911, Stamford police officers came to the aid of Jadiel Garcia, who they found clinging to a pylon 80 feet from the shore just before 6:30 p.m. Sunday.

Police said Jadiel could not swim and there were no lifeguards on duty. The boy’s mother was sitting nearby and did not know he was in the water until police arrived, they said.

Jadiel may have been coaxed into the water by several of his young family members, said Sgt. Chip White, one of the officers who responded to the call.

“You have a 7-year-old out there and he gets into the water however he gets into the water. Most children that age would be panicked and panicking in a water situation leads to drowning,” White said.

The sergeant described Jadiel as a “smart little kid” who “was able to identify he was in trouble.”

Police are not investigating wrongdoing by anyone involved, White said. The pier is a “safe structure,” he added.

“You’re not thinking my son is going to climb over this [fence] and go into the water,” White said.

When officers Damien Rosa, 30, and Michael Montanaro, 31, arrived at the Shippan Avenue beach, they ran down the 450-foot pier while tossing off their guns and radios, both officers said at a Monday news conference, which the family did not attend.

“A spur-of-the-moment incident, you have to think quickly,” said Rosa, who has been on the force less than two years.

His arms shaking, Jadiel was in shock when Rosa reached him and was reluctant to let go of the pylon, officers said.

Rosa carried him to shore, where Stamford EMS took him to the hospital. The boy was released from Stamford Hospital later that night.

The pier over Westcott Cove opened in 2011, replacing one that was destroyed in a 2006 tropical storm. It is Stamford’s only public fishing pier.