STAMFORD — A city woman allegedly stole her car out of the Lonestar Towing impound lot hours after her car was towed from a parking space outside her Harbor Point apartment Wednesday morning. She turned herself into police Wednesday night and was charged with trespassing and leaving the scene of an accident.

Police said Tara Salazar, 38, of Commons Park South l, was additionally charged with larceny and second-degree assault for striking a mechanic who was trying to stop her from driving off.

Salazar was released after posting a $25,000 court-appearance bond.

Salazar’s criminal defense attorney Mark Sherman said his client is a long-time resident of the complex and he expects the charges to be cleared up very quickly in court.

Sgt. Sean McGowan said Salazar, wearing yoga pants, a hoodie and with her hair in a ponytail, sneaked into the rear of the Pacific Street impound lot at about 10:30 a.m. with an extra key fob for her 2014 Lexus. She got into her car and drove it off without paying the tow bill.

McGowan said on the way out, a man who works for the tow operator tried to confront her, but she steered toward him and struck him with the car on his right arm, causing a minor injury.

Police said her car was towed from the same spot one month ago by her property manager, who said she was not authorized to park in the space.

Police looked around for her for a couple hours after the incident, but eventually missed her by minutes at her apartment complex in the afternoon. She was eventually notified that police had an arrest warrant for her and she turned herself over to police.