Fairfield house sells for over $3 million

One house was sold in Fairfield for over $3 million, among the 26 total property transfers that were recently reported in the office of the town's Clerk, Betsy P. Browne, from April 19 through April 23.

One house was sold in Fairfield for over $3 million, among the 26 total property transfers that were recently reported in the office of the town’s Clerk, Betsy P. Browne, from April 19 through April 23.

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The following property transfers took place in Fairfield for the period of April 19 to 23.

1865 Burr Street: Robert D. Rea and Michelle Rea to Jesse Selnick and Audrey Selnick, $1,625,000

Greenfield Hunt U82: Leobard Flom and Marilyn Flom aka Marilyn S. Flom, to Richard Bernstein, Trustee, and Ellen Bernstein, Trustee, Richard E. Bernstein Living Trust, $775,000, part of a mortgage

Morehouse Highway: Edward J. Hayes aka Edward Hayes, and Barbara R. Callahan aka Barbara L. Callahan, to Kari A. Axberg, $799,000, part of a mortgage

259 SZost Drive: Gunnar Wilmot to Kelsey Cantore Graubart and Jeffrey Steven Graubart, $619,000, part of a mortgage

1601 Post Road: S.P.J., LLC, to Sound QP Post Road, LLC, $2,000,000

76 Vesper Street: Brendan O’Reilly to Alfonso Cammarota, $200,000, part of a mortgage, and an assignment of lease

234 Lalley Blvd: 11 Little Fox Lane LLC, to Konrad Stefan Sonnenfeld, Trustee, Konrad Stefan Sonnenfeld Living Trust dated September 18, 2013, with a 50 percent undivided interest, and Melissa B. Papgeorge, Trustee, Melissa B. Papageorge Living Trust, $2,125,000, part of a mortgage,

57-61 Apponyi Street: Luigi Tartaglia to Dilip Uthiriaraj and Priya Dhanasekaran, $600,000, part of a mortgage

Black Rock Turnpike/State Street Ext: Commerce Drive Holdings LLC, to MMAC-Hi Fairfield Shelton LLC, $10 and other valuable considerations, part of a mortgage, assignment of lease, and subordination agreement, warranty then a quitclaim

469 Howard Street: Patrick Nathaniel Cwanek and Samira Mary Cwanek to Ryan Lichwalla and Victoria Lichwalla, $1,225,000, part of a mortgage

U681 Burr Street Condo: Hobgoblin Holdings LTD to Robert William Matta Sr., and Marybeth Matta, $547,500, part of a mortgage

214 Hulls Highway: Marisa Ringel to Susan Beth Robison, $690,000, part of a mortgage

64 Arbor Terrace: Michael Z. Roberts and Fran Roberts to The Kerri Paige Revocable Trust dated November 1, 2017, $1,280,000, part of mortgage

260 Roselle Street: John Kelly and Suzanne K. Freda to Melissa Hebert and John Meola, $585,000, part of a mortgage

39 Putting Green Road: Estate of Ethel Hornby: David Hornby, to Sebastian Munia and Jacek Siciak, $375,000, certificate of release, executor, then a quit claim, part of a mortgage

4480 Congress Street: Barbara Robbins to Sebastien Vacquie, $3,085,000, power of attorney, and part of a mortgage

1606 Stratfield Road: Aldo G. Cabrera and Amy E. Disanto to Shawn Dotting, $441,000

U23 The Ridge: Hildegard Militello to 1330 Fence Row LLC, $630,000

470 Cornell Road: 470 Cornell Partners LLC, to Joseph William Clausen and Sarah Ryan Clausen, $1,099,000, part of a mortgage

Churchill Street: Churchill, LLC, to Paulina Lewandowska and Magdalena Lewandowska, $565,000, power of attorney, and part of a mortgage

175 Wormwood Road: Richard L. Irwin, Trustee, Richard L. Irwin Revocable Trust, to Sheree Dunningham, $10, and other valuable consideration

217:Bronson Road: Wayne Arthur Orio to James M. Bridgman and Drew Bridgman, $476,000, part of a mortgage

60 Mulberry Hill Road: James Janniello to Mitchell Gurevich, and Chelsea Peck, $950,000, part of a mortgage

46 Newman Place: Cheryl M. Eustace to Molly Rubinoff and Juan Ignacio Caneo, $654,000, part of a mortgage

256 Alberta Street: Christopher Giroux and Caitlin Giroux to Carly Kurpiel and Eric Kurpiel, $580,000, part of a mortgage

65-67 Sterling Condo: Joseph J. Lagana Builders, Inc, to Johan F. Cano and Sarai Rico, $489,750

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