The following property transfers were recorded by the Town Clerk's office from Aug. 18-22:

Maryann Somers to Alexandra and John Carr, 52 Bonney Terrace, $640,000

Diane L. Kiraly to Jay and Rebecca Packard, 59 Sasapequan Road, $472,000

Lee E. and Bonita A. Strader to Richard S. and Clare P. Kirk, 216 Lover's Lane, $800,000

1912 North Benson Road LLC to Edwin A. and Lori A. Martin, 1912 North Benson Road, $967,500

Mary Murphy and Kurt Schlichting to David J. Kunath, 336 Parkwood Road, $859,500

Douglas W. and Shelley T. Hall to Alexander LaRosa, 235 Szost Drive, $425,000

Real Estate Listings

Vincent A. and Jennifer Cerbone to Seth S. Fry, 106 Lynnbrook Road, $407,000

Beachside Estates LLC to Jill Keogh, 38 Eunice Ave., $1,640,000

Walter G. and Teresa K. Boyd to Douglas Hall, 85 Nutmeg Lane, $665,000

Patrick Natorp and Melissa J. Rossini to Kevin Harrigan, 90 Henry St., $700,000

Joseph C. and Cecilia Wesley to Andrew Beal, 363 Coventry Lane, $1,150,000

Joshua Ratner to Luqun Chen and Yanhua Wang, 148 Carroll Road, $568,000

Gertrude Grace Sill Revocable Trust, Janet and Joseph Tatusko, 112 Southport Woods Drive, $375,000

Dolores Hoffman Fulton Amended and Restated Revocable Trust to Justin T. and Melissa S. Whitehead, 503 Wormwood Road, $864,500

Stephen J. and Douglas M. Macauley to Juan Carlos Gomez, 36 Overlook Ave., $169,900

Justin Whitehead and Melissa Simoes to Jennifer C. Brown, 149 Orchard Hill Drive, $638,000

David K. and Erasmia J. Herzog to Matthew E. Gyurko, 86 Clinton St., $480,000

David and Anne Holland to John Murphy, 50 Gate Ridge Road, $490,000

American International Relocation Solutions to Seth Abbey and Abigail Lorge, 302 Stratfield Road, $675,000

John A. and Tracy Hopkins DeMillo to American International Relocation Solutions, 302 Stratfield Road, $675,000

Nicholas A. Hawrysz to Frederick and Amanda Harmon, 240 Sunnyridge Ave., Unit 81, $200,000

Jerry and Deborah Kaye to George F. Keane, 1159 Stratfield Road, $280,000

George C. Jones V and Susan A. Jones to Randolph Fox, 3 Ocean Reef Drive, $455,000

Joseph A. Orlando, trustee, to Patricia Genova, 109 Hilary Circle, $610,000

Corey and Laura Geraghty to Jaclyn and Jason Bellaby, 363 Jeniford Road, $465,000

Deborah A. and Roy J. Latham to Travis Kelly, 451 Wellington Drive, $1,160,000

Shelly A. MacConnell and David J. Kunath to Alan B. Chappell, 318 Buena Vista Road, $631,000

Canterbury Development LLC and Barbara Sciana to Joseph Jankunis, 59 Rockland Road, $620,000

Debbie B. Roos to Catherine Peru, 250 Miro St., $325,000

Barbara F. Hansen to John R. Hansen III, 12 Southfield Road, $492,000

Andrew R. McElroy Jr. and Janice K. McElroy to Kathleen S. Fries and Joseph McGrath Jr., 974 South Pine Creek Road, $629,000

Lauren J. Evans to Jeffrey M. DesRosier, 15 Old Stratfield Road, $305,000