The following Fairfield property transfers were recorded by the Town Clerk's office April 7-11:

Estate of Thomas F. Matto to Bryan and Marie Keogh, 2060 North St., $599,340

Betty J. Carolan to Satyabrata and Manasi Sav, 43 Fairfield Woods Road, $113,400

Barbara King to John H. and Heather W. Reilly, 1123 Round Hill Road, $1,200,000

Mahinder and Anjali Mathrani to Theresa C. Morris, 75 Sasco Creek Terrace, $686,000

David and Karen Helle Nemiah to Michael J. Cooper and Hope Lamberson, 58 Oldfield Road, $950,000

Elizabeth Jayne Niehaus to Gordon Bardos, 92 Pheasant Lane, $780,000

Real Estate Listings

Manu and Eda D. Krishnan to Andrew and Janel Willmott, 80 Hunyadi Ave., $380,000

Pascale and Paul Butcher to Alejandro Alvarez, 306 Sturbridge Ave., $740,000

Andrew and Heidi Rogers to Jerry and Sarah David, 66 Smith St., $669,000

Robert and Christina Nielsen Rice to Nicholas and Dayna Sheehan, 1786 Jennings Road, $430,000

Mary-Lynn M. Wrabel, trustee, Art. 7 of the will of Dorothe L. Wrabel, to David Seuch, 1071 South Pine Creek Road, $237,500

Estate of John Wrabel to David Seuch, 1071 South Pine Creek Road, $237,500

Estate of Marian Wrabel to Mary-Lynn M. Wrabel, trustee, 1071 South Pine Creek Road, $30,000

Estate of Ingrid Gans to Quadrat Property Series LLC, 11 Fairway Green, $265,000

54 Melville Avenue Associates LLC to Muniswamy Chandramohan, 54 Melville Ave., $458,000

David and Kathryn Seuch to Stephen and Jana Curt, 257 South St., $850,000

Jason D. and Christie C. Kuhl to Michael E. Orifice and Melissa A. Sutton, 524 Riverside Drive, $500,000

Patricia M. Hermes to Steven R. and Robin Hurta Unit 5-C-2, Dogwood Green, 1414 Melville Ave., $225,000