The following property transfers were recorded in the Town Clerk's office Jan. 12-16:

Janet Ackerly to Kristen Curran, 111 Southport Woods Drive, Unit 10-G-2, $345,000

SPA Inc. to Mitchell Weinstein, 55 Wormwood Road, $859,000

Eric and Sally DiSilvestro to Walter and Jennifer Fogarty, 342 Buena Vista Road, $627,500

Jason and Margaret Barreto to Elizabeth and Daniel Thompson, 47 Grace St., $315,000

LEM Construction Corp. to Peter Kurys, 1922 Mill Plain Road, $850,000

David Muscato to Robert and Paula McGlarry, 748 Rowland Road, $1,200,000

Real Estate Listings

Mitchell and Jennifer Weinstein to Jeffrey and Marcy Panzo, 354 Buena Vista Road, $469,000

Dorothy Bruzinski to William and Cathy Lifer, 120 Beaver St., $265,000

Elizabeth Walter and Anneliese Urpin to SFC 184 Edward Street, LLC, 184 Edward St., $562,000

Joseph and Mary Helen Melnick to James Durkin, 101 Turney Road, $580,000

Kevin F. Cook to Mary Brooks, 273 Oldfield Road, $495,000

Donald O'Hara and Yvette Wall, trustee, to Scott and Kimberly Curran, 265 Rock Ridge Road, $570,000

Mark McDermott and Jane C. Rice to Timothy Ward, 10 Old Stratfield Road, $590,000

The Kalcar Corporation to Todd Rosen and Jennifer Hix, 184 Alvin St., $580,000

Bruce S. Gordon to Guenter Becker, 36 Sasco Hill Terrace, $780,000

Henry Donneaux and Ivanina Miller to Robert Marshall and Lindsay Fairchild, 144 Mayfair Road, $612,000

Christopher and Kathleen Casey to Andrew Kelly, trustee, 996 Old Post Road, $1,300,000

Stewart Burton, executor, to Canterbury Development, LLC, 3395 Park Ave., $235,000

Jason and Brianna Queiros to Charles M. Bescetta, 128 Veres St., $410,000

VanBrodt Estates, LLC to Edward G. Pinto, a portion of 110 Valley View Place, $6,000

Alison and Mark Smith to Christopher Veneman, 106 Blue Ridge Road, $595,000

Love Where You Live Homes, LLC, to Andrew and Katherine Kohan, 26 Oakwood Drive, $984,900