The following property transfers were recorded in the Town Clerk's office April 27-May 1:

Christopher and Andrea McGrath to Brennan Brown and Jenna Stern, 178 Jackman Ave., $699,000

Estate of Martha Jacob to Julia and Michael Finneran, 213 Springer Road, $784,000

Lisa and John Sullivan to Lee and Ashley Mackiewicz, 90 Cambridge St., $581,500

Dreyten Meisner to Thomas A. Greene Jr., 60 Baras St., $672,000

Michael and Kristi Miller to Michael Turfler, 572 Oldfield Road, $625,000

Paul Roth, trustee, to Fernanda Marchi, 285 Senese Drive, $649,000

Real Estate Listings

Stanley D. Pomichter Jr., and Panil Sahai to Stephen A. Jalkut, 193 Merwins Lane, $1,406,000

Richard and Cindy Bertrand to Patricia Cofield, 240 Sunnyridge Ave., Unit 78, $225,000

Kevin and Polly Donovan to Kenneth Brachfeld, 443 Lalley Boulevard, $800,000

TriState Property, LLC, to REflip, LLC, 219 Lovers Lane, $345,000

Joan Adams to Crickerbrook Development, LLC, 62 Forest Ave., $340,000

Robert and Sandra Wardman to Alfonso Cammarota, 121 Fox St., $410,000

Gautam and Indu Chakravartty to Rahul Chakravartty, 85 Youngstown Road, $350,000

Kenneth and Paula Russo to Patrick Wilson, 901 Hulls Highway, $17,500

Jay Adams to Ransford Banson, 80 Adley Road, $555,000

Jeffrey and Anastasia Zinkerman to Benjamin and Katherine Holley, 188 Nichols St., $635,000

Eric and Carole Krug to Jaime and Leonard Coleman, Jr., 470 Rock Ridge Road, $560,000

Ingrid and Jeffrey Hendrickson to Michelle L. Haffner, 93 Turney Road, $911,000

Christopher and Sheila Papps to Tanya Kaplan, 142 Moritz Place, $410,000

Denis and Cheryl Sullivan to Joss Brenner, 83 Karen St., $485,000

Ethel Hue to Michael Joyce and Lauren Johnson, 47 Woodbridge Ave., $552,500

Estate of Mildred Glotzer to Alison McCoy, 26 Barlow Plain Drive, $555,000

Devon Service Connecticut, LLC, to Milan G. Young, 405 Catamount Road, $840,000

Jaime and Leonard Coleman Jr. to Frederick and Cheryl McSweeney, 210 Fairland Drive, $425,750

Montauk Builders, LLC, to Elise Bucknall, 282 James St., $1,275,000

Timothy Callahan and Catherine Brennan to Alejandro G. Jones, 1460 Melville Ave., $232,000

Dustin Ziegler to Maureen Reynolds, 29 Carriage Drive, $1,025,000

Ouadia annd Edouard Gauthier to Theodore and Abigail Leviss, 285 Stratfield Road, $645,000