The following property transfers were recorded in the Town Clerk's office April 6-10:

Donal Collimore, committee, to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., trustee, 336 Round Hill Road, $352,468

Matthew and Susannah Robinson to Jaime Nielsen, 118 Crane St., $340,000

Bella Homes, LLC, to Juliana and Anderson Monteiro, 53 Benton St., $410,000

Clifford Greenberg, executor, to Guiseppe and Crescienzo Boccanfuso, 125 Melville Drive, $338,000

Saturnina Hernandez to Trofa Enterprises, LLC, 294 High St., $300,000

Thomas G. Nettleton to James Riccoborio, 1400 Mill Hill Road, $800,000

Real Estate Listings

Richard Rokowski to Rebecca Spencer, 145 Spring House Road, $1,400,000

Walter J. and Rosalie Bygott to Carlos and Amanda Montes-Solant, 108 Black Rock Ave., 4408,500

Sriraman Narayanan and Kimberly Egan to NuCompass Mobility Services, Inc., 117 Chapman Ave., $412,000

NuCompass Mobility Services, Inc., to Jennifer Galvin, 117 Chapman Ave., $412,000

Raymond and Donna Capuano to Thomas Cawley, 233 Shady Hill Road, $980,000

Richard and Lynn Libero to Hannah D. Richards, 133 Cardinal St., $495,000

Margaret Kulhay to Raquel Garcia, 10 Horace Court, $390,000

Michael B. Sheehan to Christopher Gates, 37 Verna Field Road, $800,000

Lawrence J. Coyle to Isabelle Koenig, 120 South Pine Creek Road, $530,000