The following Fairfield property transfers were recorded by the Town Clerk's Office from Dec. 8-12:

Randall L. Phelps and Pamela Daly to John F. Lynch, 241 Harbor Road, $5,100,000

Frederick T. and Gloria B. Savage to Walter R. Shicko, 81 Fox St., $425,000

Angeline M. Arnold to Jacob R. and Morgan G. Cleveland, 30 Brookmere Drive, $413,500

Round Hill Road Associates LLC to Michael and Catherine Wellen, 209 Brookbend Road, $1,890,000

MTM Classic Home Builders Ltd to Kahnny Kim and Kyong Eun Kio, 60 Southport Ridge, $803,000

Dennis P. and Amy S. Healy to Oscar L. Tang, 2605 Redding Road, $810,000

Real Estate Listings

Anna A. Costello and Janmarie L. Bovino to Edward J. Manfreda, 80 Longdean Road, $320,000

The Saul O. Schine 1988 Trust to Edward J. Swiderski, 100 Random Road, $420,000

Bron D. and Marci Marrs to Randy B. and Alison L. Lonstein, 286 Taunton Road, $822,000

Mary Anne McGlyn to Canda Singleton and Nicholas Pagnozzi, 106 Old Post Road, $420,000

Robert Toth to Raffael Altmann, 23 Greenbrier Circle, $170,000

Estate of Altiero J. Capuano to Raffael Altmann, 23 Greenbrier Circle, $170,000

Estate of Margaret Fazekas to Franziska Blattner, 206 Alma Drive, $371,343

James R. and Madelyn C. Pesci to Jessica L. Breen, 3473 Redding Road, $714,000

Estate of Richard A. DiDonato to Deborah Truhowsky, 197 Southport Woods, $320,000

Deborah Truhowsky to Raj J. Mehta, 32 Southport Woods Drive, $465,000