The following property transfers were recorded in the Town Clerk’s office Oct. 13-16:

Timothy Daley and Jennifer Lawton to Ronald J. Vigilio, 143 Ferncliff Road, $635,000

Susan Daley to Michael and Maria Tobin, 101 Euclid Ave., $494,500

Lotfollah Rezvan and Farahnaz Shobeiri to Anthony Faxel, 59 Deerfield St., $480,000

Christopher and Krysten Golier to Daniel Martinez and Tamare Wolf, 242 Hulls Highway, $618,000

Estate of Joan Neiley to Timothy and Alexis Yates, 1400 Unquowa Road, $1,000,000

Stillson Associates LLC to Marc Sailer, 680 Stillson Road, $955,000

Real Estate Listings

Estate of Cary Lagaris Kavalecz to Douglas Henrice, 25 Jaye Circle, $427,000

Jeannette Leibrock to Quince Street, LLC, 783 Reef Road, $345,000

Karen Somesla and Lynda Rockwell to Michelle Saglimbenes, 41 Candlewood Road, $290,000

Betty Bader to David Mantell, 210 Bailey Road, $445,500

Louis and Dianne Landman to David Williamson and Valarie Wilke, 130 Curtis Terrace, $531,500

Anthony Leventakos and Magdalene Rountes to Stephanie L. Peters, 2858 Black Rock Turnpike, $295,000

David and Jodi Mantell to David J. Sharpe, 59 Warren Ave., $380,000

Cedar Homes, LLC, to Nicholas Murray, 315 Bronson Road, $964,500

Janice Autore and Robert Halko to Alex Leykikh, 116 Warsaw St., $277,000

Bruce Reshen to Val and Marichelle Zlatev, 2167 Fairfield Beach Road, $500,000

Estate of Anna Vaneck to Peter Ronald Home, LLC, 180 Oxford Road, $315,000

Alan and Christy Menilo to Tyler Kurjiaka and Lizabeth K. Caron, 2062 North Benson Road, $603,000

Estate of J. Aldon Lareau to Jillaine Dellis and John Dougherty, 363 Wormwood Road, $645,000

Beach Walk Homes, LLC, to Jeffrey M. Stefanowicz, 205 South St., $1,260,340

Fairfield Real Estate Investment, LLC, to Muhammad Khurram, 55 Melville Drive, $437,500