The following Fairfield property transfers were recorded by the Town Clerk's Office July 1-5:

David K. and Rosa L. Tsang to Deirdre O'Rourke, 59 a.k.a. 71 Edge Hill Court, $300,000

Michael and Katherine Wellen to Michael L. Derisio, 456 Crestwood Road, $885,000

Nancy C. and Frederic D. Brown to Michael Lovegrove, 86 Crest Terrace, $550,000

Joseph and Michelle Haley to Flora Mustafaj, 45 Beacon View Drive, $153,550

Chun Yang and Li Tian to Michael A. and Katherine G. Nelson, 347 Warde Terrace, $436,000

Walter F. and Agnes P. Hart, trustees, to Cameron and Mary Hillis, 3030 Black Rock Turnpike, $410,000

Real Estate Listings

Joseph Sweeney to Prabhpreet Gill and Yeshwanth Venkateshwaran, 933 Jennings Road, $455,000

Hope P. Kegeles to Lois B. Arena, 842 South Pine Creek Road, $386,000

Mitchell and Pamela C. Adelstein to Christopher and Allison L. Cook, 392 Old Oaks Road, $957,000

Reginald Fils-Aime to Fred. R. Daniello, 41 Commonwealth Drive, $629,000

Vincent and Christina Pennatto to Matthew Cino and Valerie Calderon, 3609 Park Ave., $275,000

Peter P. Kokkinos and Dominique Racanelli to Nicholas A. Finocchi, 2276 Mill Plain Road, $695,000

Gregory T. Matson to Jeremy and Eileen McWhorter, 28 Brighton View Road, $570,000

Sally W. Russell to Elena Kononchuk, 251 Colony St., $275,000

Paul M. and Patricia A. Orsini to Norman A. Roberts II, 1210 South Pine Creek Road, $1,300,000

Syed A. Zaheer and Aijaz Zaheer Syed to Scott C. Shuryn, 110 Fieldcrest Road, $410,000

The Wilton Bank to Suzanne M. Marzziotti, 921 Kings Highway West, $810,000

Donald and Ann Gustavson to Matthew J. Todd, 425 Primrose Lane, $660,000

Sandra A. Wollen to Denise Chambers, 1502 Round Hill Road, $682,500

Michael and Jill E. Rao to Kenneth E. Moon, 14 Warsaw St., $545,000

David E. and Judith C. Fisher to Michael J. and Kathleen B. Mulquin, 495 Algonquin Road, $1,070,000

256 Fairland LLC to Jill and Michael Rao, 256 Fairland Drive, $800,000

John V. and Gertrude A. Turk to Victoria G. Garfield, 895 Burroughs Road, $300,000

Scott F. and Michele Inede Leddy to Timothy D. and Mary Kathryn Clarke, 84 Turney Road, $784,000

Jennifer Morizzo to Anne Marie Bennett, 110 Colony St., $268,000

Ariel and Nicola Kunar to Yury Berson, 95 Holiday Road, $629,000

Brian and Kerry Lee to Jeffrey C. Taylor, 739 Mill Hill Road, $1,325,000

Andrew and Johanna Orosz to Susan Lovallo, 526 Yahmore Drive, $489,000

Beachside Estates LLC to Robert Patrignelli, 478 Lalley Blvd., $2,395,000

Glenn R. and Merrie K. Urquhart to Timothy Alex Key and Samanta deJong, 162 Penfield Road, $1,450,000

Timothy and Mary Kathryn Clarke to Brian and Katherine Roarty, 590 Hulls Highway, $1,100,000

David Freije to Chase Dunlap and Brittan Horton, 201 Brooklawn Terrace, $482,000

Lora B. Moynihan to Scott Mattison, 562 Black Rock Turnpike, $345,000

MAOB Holdings LLC to Alpha One LLC, 25 Hurd St., $465,000

Joanne Magluilo to Merrie K. and Glenn R. Urquhart, 82 Charter Oak Road, $820,000

Estate of Louis A. Zadrovitz and Davina Trendell to Margaret Donnelly, 76 Szost Drive, $320,000

Selene RMOF II REO Acquisition LLC to Joanne Magluilo, 1233 Bronson Road, $575,000

Lisa M. Manente to Susan A. Morgan, 165 Moritz Place, $295,500

Estate of Helen D. Grabowski to 80 Putting Green Road LLC, 80 Putting Green Road, $352,500

Estate of Stella M. Grasso to Michael Clark, 2114 Stratfield Road, $272,500

Stephen R. and Heather K. Woodworth to Kenneth W. and Shannon Biehl, 544 Rowland Road, $1,370,000

Barry W. and Christina Durgin to Jonathan and Adrienne Wilson, 3481 Park Ave., $268,000

Stephen P. and Nancy J. Rogowskey to Brian Tarnok, 330 Winnepoge Drive, $486,250

Robert S. and Amber Trojanowski to Mark Kucinskas, 345 Lakeview Drive, $375,000

Joshua E. McLevy to Ferdinand J. Rogel, trustee of the New Yankee 2012 Trust, 188 Alma Drive, $390,000

American International Relocation Solutions LLC to Jozef Appels and Erin P. McKay, 60 Patricia Circle, $927,500

Glenn R. and Christa L. Cusano to American International Relocation Solutions LLC, 60 Patricia Circle, $925,500