Latest Fairfield property transfers: $2.3M Penfield sale

The property at 612 Penfield Road was recently sold for $2,275,000.
The property at 612 Penfield Road was recently sold for $2,275,000.Contributed photo

The following property transfers were recorded in the Town Clerk's office Feb. 23-27:

A & B Bridgeport Property, LLC, to Jean Azoury, 79 Lloyd Place, $735,000

Denise and Michael Drews to Sean F. Powers, 234 Adley Road, $575,000

Brett Wingate to Patti Jo and Gerard Provenzale, 510-512 Riverside Drive, $570,000

William and Mary Farrell to Alexander Romans and Jennifer Chinm, 351 Hunyadi Ave., $480,000

Holly Lanese to Carlos Paucar and Kevin C. Paucar-Alfaro, 145 Millspaugh Drive, $350,000

James and Julie Anderson to Michele Gramesty, 21 Rhoda Ave., $1,460,000

Harold and Mary Platz to April and Robert Worshek, 15 Mill River Road, $999,999

Carolyn Hammond to Deborah Nicond, 11 Orchard Hill Lane, $625,000

Stephanie and Norberto Ortiz to Rongjun Chen, 27 Pine Tree Lane, $225,000

Round Hill Road Associates, LLC, to William Sloan, 133 Meadow Ridge Road, lot 3, $2,045,000

612 Penfield, LLC, to George P. Judd, 612 Penfield Road, $2,275,000

Elizabeth Johnston to Norberto Ortiz, 213 Knapps Highway, $300,000

Katherine J. Maloney to Kyle and Tara Dionne, 1207 Valley Road, $519,400

Lisa Bohn, executrix, to Dwight Meyer, 779 Hulls Highway, $701,000

Love Where You Live Homes, LLC, to Benjamin and Marie Mollo, 62 Lindbergh Court, $1,169,000

John P. and Anna Cordon to Andrew Yaun, 340 Marlborough Terrace, $350,000