The following Fairfield property transfers were recorded by the Town Clerk's office Aug. 26-30:

Cynthia B. Philpott to Elizabeth A. Duncan, 90 Ryegate Road, $609,000

Diane N. Fisk to Thomas M. and Jamie S. Kronzer, 1360 Galloping Hill Road, $819,000

Stephanie B. Frost to Brian M. Micena, 33 Flower House Drive, $685,000

Estate of Elizabeth M. Gyor to Beachside Estates LLC, 217 Lalley Blvd., $700,000

M&R Assoc. LLC to Justin Lundbye, 4 Nelson Place, $785,000

Robert W. and Pamela P. Lavoie to Liam O'Driscoll, 146 School St., $375,000

Real Estate Listings

Kevin J. and Heather F. Crepeau to Thomas S. and Adilia D. Douglas, 15 Flora Blvd., $960,000

James and Renee Push to Gordon C. MacKenzie Jr., 11 Palmer Bridge, $664,500

Marianna M. Adamo to John L. and Catherine L. Lynch, 814 Knapps Highway, $332,000

Jeffrey W. and Kimberly M. Keener to Jack Day and Grace Houghton, 120 Crane St., Unit 120, $425,000

Love Where You Live Homes LLC to Tae Chul Ho and Hee Eun Son, 824 Riverside Drive, $949,000

John M. and Jeanne M. Sullivan to 115 Ruane Street LLC, 115-117 Ruane St., $528,937.50

Anthony A. and Elizabeth P. Bosco to Malik Awais, 112 Sunnyridge Ave., $448,000

Patricia Campbell to Roshan Polepalli and Vipra Sharma, 160 Fairfield Woods Road, Unit 1, $230,500

Olivia H. Dunn to Jeffrey R. and Alexandra W. Currie, 580 Sasco Hill Road, $2,560,194

T. Randolph Harris, trustee, Jeffrey R. and Alexandra W. Currie, 580 Sasco Hill Road, $1,639,806

Jack A. and Jeffry Grosberg to Donald and Norma Branson, 245 Sunnyridge Ave., No. 30, $210,000

Charles F.T. and Signe W. Merritt to Michael F. and Wendy McCaffery, 178 Mill Hill Terrace, $1,130,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Ellen V. Chikarova, 27 Hulls Highway, $211,299

Anthony Holdampf to Olivia H. Dunn, 60 Christmas Tree Lane, $1,300,000

Bradley and Kristy Evans to Heidi Leatherman, 200 Melody Lane, $329,000

Sand Dollar Development LLC to Michael V. and Michele Kutsch, 1024 Unquowa Road, $1,005,500

ETrade Bank to Pedro A. Losa and Sarah Elizabeth Bergemann, 100 Pease Ave., $482,500

Beth K. and Frank B. Abrahams to Thomas and Paula Langmuir, 102 Barry Scott Drive, $334,000

Darin Ingels to Bradley C. Evans, 7 Stillson Place, $602,000

MTM Classic Home Builders Ltd to Sridevi Vuppala, 40 Southport Ridge, $760,000

Jordan F. Reber and Andrea Melvin to Maureen A. Mooney to Brian M. Maccallum, to 76 Beaumont St., $760,000

Maralyn F. Abbott to Geoffrey and Jennifer Stowell, 401 Buena Vista Road, $470,000

Marline R. Polak, executrix, to David Ian Karpel, 37 Greenleigh Road, $422,500

Theresa C. Angotto to Christopher R. and Amanda Wormald, 451 Lockwood Road, $680,000

Estate of Ira Waks to Laura R. Nash, 32 Fleming Lane, $580,000

Elisabeth H. Saxe to Jon C. and Anna-Lees Estes, trustees, 136 Roberton Crossing, $557,500

Pine Creek Beach LLC to Brian Silvestro, trustee, 17-182 Pine Creek Ave., $1,150,000

Stephen P. and Mary H. Pritchard to Stacey L. Swineford, 55 Mariner's Way, $1,175,000