The following Fairfield property transfers were recorded by the Town Clerk's Office July 8-12:

Mark Henrichsen, Shana Henrichsen and Michael Stout to Christopher Adam Kennedy, 259 Jeniford Road, $450,000

Estate of Jeanne Leebaert to Debra Gailhard, 600 Wood House Road, $340,000

Daniel J. and Cristine Kelly to Ian Tapsall and Jennifer Jacobsen, 40 Victorian Court, $1,069,000

Robert and Marlene Fischer to Luke V. and Ariana Ferrandino, 232 Range Road, $1,225,000

Helen R. Cusick Trust to Sandra Wollen, 156 Glengarry Road, $370,000

Thomas Redington to Jonathan C. Wheeler, 1139 Mill Hill Road, $1,350,000

Real Estate Listings

Michael P. and Patricia L. Pastore to Rose Marie Us, 109 Katona Drive Unit 3B1, $170,000

John L. Prom to Peter Harding, 1050 Old Academy Road, $2,700,000

Karen M. and Anthony P. Mannello to Colin and Ariel Grover, 89 Ross Hill Road, $610,000

Johanne C. Dressel to Carol A. Becker, 74 Southport Woods Drive, $435,000

Rose Marie Us to Property Renovations LLC, 227 High St., $290,000

Ralph A. and Lori A. Blessey to Leland and Rose Slivas, 29 Merton St., $920,000

Kathleen Mary Canaiy to Mary Duff, 9 Brookfield Ave., $312,075

Theodore Pulton Jr. and Laura Sydney-Pulton to Linda A. Schlingheyde, 60 Gate Ridge Road, $505,000

Debra A. Bretz to Black Rock Investments LLC, 567 Judd St., $305,000

Pamela J. Coleman and Linda C. Tracy to Florence F. Moffitt, 14 Hulls Highway, Unit 1G1, $300,000

Estate of Anne M. Smith to William and Danielle Sharp, 696 Hillside Road, $875,000

Estate of Marian Gewirtz to Sam Wechter, 90 Hulls Highway, $300,000

Jeremy and Susan Moss to Glenn and Michelle L. Tauss, 110 Osborne Place, $774,000

The Herman Austrian Revocable Trust of 1997 to Theodore R. Pulton and Laura Sydney-Pulton, 69 Gate Ridge Road, Unit 69, $430,000

Scott R. and Claire M. Burns to Mark and Andrea Flynn, 1522 Mill Plain Road, $680,000

Nicolas and Carol J. Mandelkern to Susan Moss, 310 Governors Lane, $1,357,000

John A. and Elizabeth M. Gentile to Debra Johnson and Elizabeth Gentile, 115 Tuckahoe Lane, $135,000

Angelina M. DiScala to John C. and Beverly J. Wright, 208 Glengarry Road, Unit 208, $385,000

Marian C. Adolphson to Michael and Eileen Hinton, 65 Gate Ridge Road, $430,000

Janice Mayeran to Steven and Barbara Gersen, 85 Barnhill Road, $435,000

Mark A. and Leslie P. DeCruccio to Lori A. Blessey, 541 Silver Spring Road, $1,050,000

Kenneth L. and Amy Sjoberg to Gregory J. and Kathryn L. Quas, 142 Elm St., $623,000

F & H Bronson LLC to 1876 Bronson Road LLC, 1876 Bronson Road, $1,400,000

Aziz and Robina Seyal to Syed M. Hashmi, 138 Mona Terrace, $285,000

Debra Lauria to Alistair Highet and Jerelyn Johnson, 92 Sigwin Drive, $502,000

Patricia C. Robinson to Nils S. and Christine M. Dahl, 166 High Meadow Road, $900,000

Stephanie M. Fredericks to Nancy L. Fellows, 204 Glengarry Road, $395,000

Sharp Capital Investment LLC to Abdel Abdelrahman, 236 Stevenson Road, $475,000

William J. Roman Jr. to Shelia Shines, 3451 Park Ave., $395,000

Deborah M. Mann to Raymond Santo and Marisa DeMatteo Santa, 44 Rodgers Road, $225,000

Charles W. and Emily Price to David J. Berman and Jodi Morris, 625 Towne House Road, $995,000

Ronald and Richard Rondini to Paul and Kristin Marachi, 14 Applegate Road, $370,000

Nina A. Sutton to Stephanie Mullins and Richard Baumer, 193 South Benson Road, $562,500