The following Fairfield property transfers were recorded by the Town Clerk's office from June 16-20:

Leslie F. Martel and Abby C. Adis to Todd J. and Jennifer E. Chandler, 65 Hilltop Drive, $795,000

The Michaud Group LLC to Michael J. and Deborah A. Hermann, 797 High St., $829,000

Garry A. and Joanne Nelson to Meredith McCormick, 1 and 192 Spring House Road, $2,850,000

Dominick and Frances Geraci to Anthony Carbone, 45 Silver Spring Road, $1,094,000

Maryellen Canuel to John R. Crew and Katharine Blake Benson, 1968 and 1962 Stratfield Road, $410,000

Alfred J. Favata to Endeavor Group LLC, 110 Old Hickory Road, $2,350,000

Real Estate Listings

Kristone L. McHaug, trustee, to Dominick and Frances Geraci, 25 Taylor Place, $795,000

Cynthia R. Lautenbach to Allison R. Reiting, 260 Quarter Horse Lane, $1,500,000

Patricia A. Dammerman to Gregory T. Barmore, successor trustee of the Qualified Personal Residence Trust of Patricia A. Dammerman as of April 25, 2002, 1119-1128 Fairfield Beach Road, $3,150,000

John C. Bussey to Hugh and Mary S. Gleason, 148 Sherman Court, $505,000

David P. and Kathryn M. Parisi to Richard S. Cassa and Kristine M. Strybing, 248 Davis Road, $805,000

Allen Marks and Julie Roneson to Kevin and Sarah Richardson, 298 Figlar Ave., $650,000

Thomas J. Fitzgerald to Eileen O'Reilly, 284 Partridge Lane, $542,000

Peter and Carol Osgood to Michael Reynolds, 171 Old South Road, $1,595,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Wen Tran, 3556 Black Rock Turnpike, $220,000

Travis S. and Jodi L. Farina to Michael Jauch, 4007 Park Ave., $337,000

Erin M. Chamberlain to Nancy C. and Dale B. Reinker, 682 Fairfield Beach Road, $680,000

Jonathan B. Gardner, executor, to Charles B. Beever, 100 Verna Hill Road, $795,000

Robert B. and Sara Walden Brown to Leeann Joseph, 46 Charles St., $650,000

Richard and Wendy Candy to Eros LLC, 54 Kenwood Ave., $362,000

Tanya Srdanovic to Timothy and Jennifer Macklin, 41 Bel Air Lane, $435,000

Jean G. and Donald R. Flintzer to Fernando Gomez and Luz Carime Vargas, 1400 Melville Ave., Unit 5A-1, $285,000

Shoreline Estates LLC to Alan Karmiel, 84 Denise Terrace, $970,000

Barbara Gould-Barber to John Philbin, 36 Woods End Road, $415,000

Split Pease LLC to Hyunjin Ha, 137 Pease Ave., $650,000

Joseph Rothman Fairfield LLC to 1529 Post Road East Fairfield LLC, 2475-2505 Black Rock Turnpike, $1,800,000

Joseph A. and Heather A. Perry to Laura T. Sawyer, 140 Moody Ave., $353,000

Patricia Maxwell to Gary Milton, 675 Westport Turnpike, $605,000

Allen J. and Cara J. Hartman to Sean Mooney, 856 Riverside Drive, $1,100,000

David L. and Deborah A. Day to Fairfield University, 1102 North Benson Road, $620,000

Love Where You Live Homes LLC to Ronald J. and Teresa D. Nardozzi, 53 Rhoda Ave., $1,619,000

Thomas Redington to William B. Palmer, 1157 Mill Hill Road, $405,000

Christina E. Lindstrom to Martin D. Schwartz, 80 Veres St., $371,000