The following property transfers were recorded in the Town Clerk's office April 20-24:

William and Keisha Fink to Letisha Blackaert, 297 Pemburn Drive, $625,000

Marlborough Fairfield, LLC, to Thomas Smith Jr., 73 Marlborough Terrace, $475,000

Deutsche Bank to Roberta Aston, 109 Longview Ave., $199,900

Mark and Susan Kordick to Ramasamy Dhakshinamurthy, 571 Cascade Drive, $474,200

Christian and Sarah Henry to Justin and Kristen Plock, 101 Hulls Highway, $524,000

Christine Ivanko to Sophia B. Freitag, 60 Baldwin Terrace, $380,000

Michael and Patricia Metrano to Nancy Allen, 244 Oakwood Drive, $314,900

Real Estate Listings

John and Margaret Hogan to Gaik Bee Ang and Shaw Rei Loo, 1009 Powder Horn Lane, $670,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Philadelphia to David and Leslie Ford, 1106 Valley Road, $350,000

Dorothy Baekey to Brian and Leslie Wheelin, 168 Tanglewood Lane, $600,000

Samuel and Jennifer Cargill to Steph F. Bae, 2444 Bronson Road, $1,250,000

Mary and Emory Shawver, Jr., to Jeffrey and Anastasia Zinkerman, 199 Mulberry Hill Road, $805,000

Mark and Charlotte Smith to Samuel and Jennifer Cargill, 144 Westway Road, $1,450,000

Donald DesRosiers, trustee, to Courtney Chamberlin-Kane, 35 Old Stratfield Road, $406,000

Clear Landing Properties, LLC, to Mark and Charlotte Smith, 104 Old South Road, $2,000,000

Douglas and Amie Steelman to Jeffrey and Michaell Gurner, 89 Lynnbrook Road, $490,000

Richard T. Hood to Daniell Dall'an, 1133 Mill Plain Road, $505,000

Kristina and Christopher Gates to Annie and Gary Kruger, 625 Bronson Road, $689,000

Matthew and Elizabeth Knisely to Lauren O'Connor, 10 Barton Road, $780,000

Matthew Finkle to Paul Butcher, 42-46 Plum St., $410,000