The following property transfers were recorded by the Town Clerk's office Aug.23-Sept.4:

Frank Marini to Erin Rossitto and Chad Labonte, trustees, 298 South Benson Road, $1,270,000

Julius and Susan Valdes to Michelle Klem, 565 Oldfield Road, $560,000

960 North Benson Road, LLC, to Joseph and Mollie Milano, 175 Dill Road, $999,000

Timothy Callahan, trustee, to Gary McCann II and Michele Goncalves, 111 Wagon Hill Road, $545,000

Jeanette Charlton to Gwendolyn A. Horton, 32 Hulls Highway, Unit 1C2, $407,500

254 Roselle St., LLC, to Kevin Tanzer, 254 Roselle St., $365,000

Real Estate Listings

HSBC Bank to John and Dolores Ward, 107 Harwich Road, $453,000

Janet Nalezynski to Heidi and Craig Cinder, 127 James St., $596,000

Estate of Elizabeth E. Gallagher to BII Builders, 251 Alma Drive, $295,000

John L. Mutuski to Neil B. Stekloff, 235 Sturbridge Lane, $797,500

Burke M. Cook to Justin and Sara Pinchback, 131 Nutmeg Lane, $1,350,000

Daniel and Nancy Seligson to RAG Trust I, 346 Reef Road,, $445,000

Alpha One, LLC, to Lynne and Stuart Bloom, 25 Hurd St., $775,000

James and Mary Theresa Carron to Cory Ann and Salvatore Pizzino, 320 Warner Hill Road, $1,225,000

John and Sara Beggs to James and Mary Theresa Carron, 379 Sky Top Drive, $615,000

David and Roseanne Brennan to Wesley Arnett, 60 Sconset Drive, $1,049,000

David and Tyler Burton to Vijay Subramanian, 12 Commonwealth Drive, $695,000

MTM Classic Home Builders to Brenda Tanabaum, 71 Southport Ridge, $650,000

Roy and Linda King to 487 FBR, LLC, 487 Fairfield Beach Road, $4,275,000

HSH, LLC, to Daniel Sterling, 27 Lynnbrooke Road, $342,000

Catherine A. Peterson to Amber and Cliff Smith, 770 Oldfield Road, $469,000

Lawrence and Margaret Jones to Elizbeth and Jonathan Hayes, 226 Taintor Drive, $1,160,000

Elizabeth Kressu and Karen Kotchko to Caitlin and Matthew Pereira, 36 Crane St., $320,000

James and Marissa Vallillo to Robert Grasso, 62 Hunyadi Ave., $627,500

Frank Sklarsky and Katherine Sternberg, trustees, to 2LBJ Holdings, LLC, 2015 Fairfield Beach Road, $499,950

Woodrow Holding, LLC, to Lisa and Michael Law, 143 Woodrow Avenue, $703,000

Robert and Ann Palm to Ryan and Ellen D. Kiernan, 55 Montauk St., $625,000

Edith K. Haller Revocable Trust to Concepts USA, Inc., 3 and 9 Old Black Rock Turnpike, $405,000