FAIRFIELD — The following property transfers were recorded in the Town Clerk’s Office from April 11-15:

Delbert Auray to Ellen Curtis, 206 Salt Meadow Road, No. 206, $877,500

Anne V. Bentley to Wendy Fullin, 301 Fulling Mill Lane, $1,375,000

Estate of Delfina Gallifoco to Robin T. Stadler, 40 Helen St., $300,000

Philip K. Sherringham trustee to James and Kristin Brill, 566 Greenfield Hill Road, $1,325,000

Bradley and Tara Kerner to Kelly Barrett and Lawrence Campana Jr., 170 Edgewood Road, $588,000

Joyce Marshall trustee to MOJO2 LLC, 17 Sunset Ave., $325,000

Herbert and Jennifer Moorin to Bradley and Tara Kerner, 84 Algonquin Road, $727,450

Ryan Donegan to Heather Leswey, 359 Harvester Road, $372,000

Real Estate Listings

Maria Veres-Nocerino to Carol C. Hendricks, 126 Adelaide St., $321,000

Claire Nicotra to Keith Charette, 136 Pine Creek Ave., $4,100,000

Kyle E. Cunningham to Piekansky Investments LLC, 812 Reef Road, $461,000

Thomas Brennan, Gary Brennan and Cynthia Cupero to James Dunne, 357 Toll House Lane, $305,000

Marielle Kennedy to Jason Hull, 1220 Merritt St., $390,000

Canterbury Development LLC to Yolman Torres-Quintero, 325 Bullard St., $295,000

Michael and Rosalyn Hill to 32 Lookout LLC, 32 Lookout Drive, $460,000