On the Market: Colonial farmhouse in Fairfield connects past and present

Agriculture and maritime industries were at the heart of Fairfield's economy during the 18th and 19th centuries.

"Fairfield's coastal geography provided good harbors, an advantage that created significant wealth ... Shipbuilding became a profitable business at the deep-water harbor in Black Rock in the early 18th century, with local shipyards known for their fine craftsmanship," according to the Fairfield Museum and History Center's website. Today, it isn't shipbuilding but masterful home construction that is evident throughout certain sections of town, not just in new houses but in the renovation of houses that have witnessed much of Fairfield's history.

One fine example is the antique colonial farmhouse at 1051 Cedar Road. It was built early in the 19th century, and was updated through its many decades to achieve a form and function that pays reverence to the past while welcoming denizens of the modern era.