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Yes PLZ Coffee is the simplest subscription on the market

It adds variety to your morning without exhausting your brain

Start your Yes PLZ Coffee subscription here

Start your Yes PLZ Coffee subscription here

Joshua Sargent / SFGate

Subscribers who sign up for Yes PLZ Weekly will receive a bag of coffee every one, two, three, or four weeks for $17 (for the 8.8 ounce bag) or $23 (for the 12 ounce bag) each… and that’s it.

What kind of coffee? They pick it for you. How do you know it’ll be good? Because the founders, Tony Konecy and Sumi Ali, know their business: Ali is a longtime barista, and Konecny was the founder of Tonx Coffee, a successful coffee subscription that was eventually purchased by Blue Bottle Coffee.

Start your Yes PLZ Coffee subscription here

New week. New coffee. Who dis? - yesplz.coffee

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“We trust that our customers know what’s good,” Ali told Eater.com back in 2018, while Yes PLZ was still on Kickstarter. “If we deliver good coffee to customers, they’ll recognize it. We don’t need to explain this anymore.”

One of the key advantages is that each bag of Yes PLZ coffee is packed with beans that were roasted mere days ago – unlike store-bought coffee, that may have been sitting out for weeks (depending on your grocery store, of course). The beans themselves range from single-source to flavorful blends, and you can read about what the next package looks like on their website or on their Twitter page.

The simplicity of Yes PLZ is their biggest advantage. I received bag 116, which was a blend of coffee from Ethiopia, Colombia, and Peru.It was a lot milder than something I would normally pick out at the grocery – but also had a smoother, more restrained flavor. I normally like getting kicked in the teeth every morning (figuratively speaking) but whether due to my advancing age or just the high quality of the beans, I enjoyed it a lot more than I might expect. Coffee connoisseurs struggle to come up with adjectives more precise than “rich” and “dark” so I won’t even try to outdo them and just call this delicious flavor-rich and dark.

As a single guy drinking two cups a day with an Aeropress, I’m roughly a quarter of the way through the 12 ounce bag after a week and would probably continue with a one-bag-per-month subscription going forward.