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You - yes, you - can create spherical ice at home

Get two molds for just $7

Tovolo's ultra-popular sphere ice molds are $7 for a pack of two.

Tovolo’s ultra-popular sphere ice molds are $7 for a pack of two.


I don’t care if you keep 40 different bourbons stocked at your house or if you’re a teetotaler; everyone likes big ice balls like you get from fancy bars with your $19 cocktails.

Yes, they have less surface area than multiple, smaller ice cubes, which means they’ll melt slower and dilute your beverage less. But it’s much more important to consider that they just look really, really cool. Who wouldn’t want a big ice ball in their drink? I’d put one in my morning cold brew if I had an unlimited supply.

While Tovolo’s ultra-popular sphere ice molds won’t create transparent ice balls (clear ice requires a much larger, and much more expensive setup like this one from Glacio), they’re a dead simple and affordable way to make big ice spheres at home. Just add water, wait 4-6 hours, and enjoy. I’d even recommend getting a little bin to keep in your freezer to hold your extras, so you can build up a supply and impress your friends.

Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds - Set of 2 - amazon.com

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Today’s $7 deal for a pack of two molds is the best price Amazon’s listed since 2017, and we’ll drink to that.