Joel Barlow 56, Notre Dame 8 (Nov. 9)

Talent gap: Barlow (8-1) was strong across the board. "Maybe if we played them five, six times, we'd get a win," Lancers' coach Ted Boynton said. "But for this game, they were much better than us." Barlow had a talented quarterback who could run and show leadership in directing the offense. The Falcons' fullback was a tough assignment in their triple-option attack for the Notre Dame defense. "They just frustrated our defense."

Inexperience magnified: "Barlow is a senior-dominated team," Boynton said, "we're a sophomore-dominated team. That was a real big difference in this game."

Inability to sustain drives: "We'd move the ball, we'd move the ball, then a turnover," Boynton said. "We'd move the ball, we'd move the ball, then an interception."

Next game: Notre Dame-Fairfield (0-9) at Bethel (7-2) on Friday at 7 p.m. in a SWC interdivisional game.