Fairfield Warde High School wrestlers Alex Steele (115 pounds), Tim Kane (128), Charlie Kane (142) and Dan Ebert (147) won titles to lead their team to first place at its own Fairfield Warde Invitational on Saturday.

Warde finished with 230.5 points, while Londonderry, N.H., was second (210.0), Simsbury third (182.5), Montville fourth (166.5) and Fairfield Ludlowe fifth (131.0). Leading the way for Ludlowe was Chase Lind, who won the 154-pound title.

- Team scores:

1. Warde 230.5, 2. Londonderry (NH) 210, 3. Simsbury 182.5, 4. Montville 166.5, 5. Ludlowe 131, 6. Mahopac (NY) 104; 7. Massachusetts 56, 8. Westhill 53.5, 9. Fairfield Prep 46, 10. Warde B 43, 11. Maloney 39.5, 12. McMahon 36, 13. Stamford 27, 14. Somers (NY) 27, 15. Wilton 24, 16. Mahopac (NY) B 14, 17. Chicopee (Mass.) 12, 18. Northwestern 4.

- Individual results:

108: championship: Noah Caskey (Montville) dec. Garrett Semenetz (Mahopac B) 7-4; third: Kevin Robischeau (Londonderry) dec. Abby Bunyea (Mahopac) 11-0; fifth: Graham Roediger (Somers) dec. Brandon Moreau (Massachusetts) 4-2; 115: championship: Alex Steele (Warde) dec. Austin Sherman (Ludlowe) 5-2; third: Demetre Carnot (Maloney) pinned Mike Muldoon (Mahopac) 4:28; fifth: Craig Santos (Londonderry) dec. Kevin Zentner (Fairfield Prep) 5-3; 122: championship: Matt Conte (Westhill) dec. Joel Morth (Montville) 7-0; third: George Wales (Ludlowe) dec. Jack Price (Warde) 5-0; fifth: Izzake Zuckerman (Warde B) pinned Tyler Byrd (Londonderry) 1:43; 128: championship: Tim Kane (Warde) pinned Ryan Cabezas (Londonderry) 3:02; third: Joe Freeza (Mahopac) dec. Zack Looney (Montville) 10-6; fifth: Quinn Reedy (Wilton) dec. Andrew Blum (Westhill) 7-0; 134: championship: Tom Wynosky (Montville) dec. Aaron Beinstein (Warde) 5-0; third: Robert Misericordi (Simsbury) pinned Andrew Chase (Londonderry) 2:01; fifth: Bryan Zayas (Maloney) dec. Jason Martinez (McMahon) 2-0; 142: championship: Charlie Kane (Warde) dec. Jean-Luc Leemieux (Londonderry) 2-1; third: Bobby Clark (Ludlowe) pinned Keith Penny (Simsbury) 4:17; fifth: Abdo Shaban (Maloney) dec. Rey Heredia (Chicopee) 5-3; 147: championship: Dan Ebert (Warde) dec. Keith Fernandez (Simsbury) 2-0; third: Marcus Sherrod (Ludlowe) dec. Jason Vargas (Massachusetts) 6-2; fifth: Austin Concascia (Montville) dec. Seamus Kenny (Mahopac) 15-2; 154: championship: Chase Lind (Ludlowe) dec. Jake Barr (Londonderry) 5-0; third: Ryan Juliano (Simsbury) pinned Dan Anderson 41 seconds; fifth: Naquia Laracuente (Montville) dec. Matt Coppola (Warde) 6-5; 162: championship: Kyle Byrd (Londonderry) pinned Nick Bavosa (Westhill) 1:18; third: Jack Bosken (Fairfield Prep) dec. Tallis Santos (Warde) 7-0; fifth: Jeremy Frias (Stamford) dec. Doug Delacruz (Montville) 14-4; 172: championship: Sean Penney (Simsbury) dec. Ian Concascia (Montville) 4-2; third: Andrew Gross (Somers) dec. Mahdi Achab (Londonderry) 5-2; fifth: Lee Stenild-Johansen (Ludlowe) dec. Vasili Nikiforides (McMahon) 9-0; 184: championship: Mike Dinardo (Mahopac) dec. Roszczenko (Londonderry) 14-5; third: John Bradford (Simsbury) dec. Emanuel Diaz (Montville) 6-1; fifth: Aaron Addotey (Warde) dec. Andre Talavera (Fairfield Prep) 8-1; 197: championship: Richard Bilodeau (Londonderry) dec. Liridon Hasanramaj (Mahopac) 7-4; third: Proskinitoupolos (Warde) dec. Nate Nelson (Ludlowe) 5-0; 222: championship: James DeMaio (Simsbury) dec. John Ocana (Warde) 11-0; third: David Abrahams (Warde B) pinned Auggie Cornish (Montville) 4:48; fifth: Joshua Goncalves (Fairfield Prep) pinned James Arbisi (Wilton) 1:46; 285: championship: Ryan Delanhanty (Mahopac) dec. Lukas Stone (Simsbury) 12-5; third: Tyler Mazut (Warde) dec. Allen Hersey (McMahon) 11-5; fifth: Michael Delahanty (Mahopac B) dec. Solomon Ray (Stamford) 5-3. Most outstanding wrestler: Charlie Kane, Warde, 142 pounds. Best match: Alex Steele, Warde, vs. Austin Sherman, Ludlowe, 115 pounds.